sara119 at xs4all.nl sara119 at xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 22 16:02:33 EDT 2005

>will you  send me a copy?

thanks for making this clear, but what most people say  " it is not my fault,

...f*** IT who cares?"

until they get a problem one day and they would have hoped that there
was a person who would have helped ... but everyone is gone to find a new

hey, I also could sell to you 15 bundles, in every street in every city
you can find people who will be happy to sell any kind of drug to help you
get high and fucked up. those drug dealers always get paid.
now , us as treatment provider who are dead broke and still willing to help
everyone even just for improvements of the lifestyle, no preaching  no
just to create a opportunity for development... and there is so much we could
develop, I have seen with my own eyes how people get infection coming out
of their bodies after the treatment, the iboga detoxify more then only
opiates, those infection are showing not only in addicts also in non
who have unhealthy lifestyle. and sure ibogaine/iboga have more uses that
we could learn about but only few people care to know.
from all those hundreds of people who used Ibogaine/iboga , only few who
become iboga activist, the rest will forget, but it is like the story of
the 100monkeys. so we must go on doing what we got to do and see what
happens, even without sponsors we will find a way to keep on doing what we
got to do. just because iboga teaches you how to simplify your life and
how important it is to value yourself right, dignity not arrogance.it is
up to the level of understanding what a person can learn, ( I'm not
talking about people who have chronic pains and need painkillers.)


 the correct spelling of the mag on the article about the underground is
> mcorcoran <mcorcoran27 at yahoo.com> wrote:1500 bucks is the cheapest in the
> world. Also it is an extremely expensive medication. There are only 3
> sources in the world to get it and if were talking about the HCL I think
> you'd be surprised how much it actually does cost the providers.
> Okay I'm actually sitting next to a provider who has asked me to comment
> on what was just discussed.
> - "First of all, most providers are dead broke and are not making any real
> money on this. We are risking our freedom to give some people the ability
> to experience this. Most work on a sliding scale. I agree that people
> should be able to get Ibogaine if they want it I also believe that you
> should be able to shoot battery acid in your dick if thats what you want
> as well. Every provider from St. Kitts to the underground agrees that
> having a family member in the room is not the best and having them as the
> only people in the room is just a plain bad idea. Where does the money go?
> It goes to the cost of the medication which is substantial. Staying awake
> for three days, cleaning up vomit shit and blood. Helping someone to the
> bathroom or holding a bottle so they can piss. Calming them down if there
> having a hard time. Knowing how much and when to give more ibogaine.
> Making sure they stay hydrated hours spent talking on the phone before and
> after the treatment. Not to mention, knowning WHEN
>  to call the ambulance. But most importantly EXPERIENCE. Taking Ibogaine a
> few times does not give you the ability to see into the future as much as
> some might like to think so. You never know how this drug is going to
> effect you.
> I personally don't think that St. Kitts or Mexico or Sara or we charge too
> much. I was raised to believe that people should be paid for there work
> and believe me this is work. Yeah your right you can buy a lot of things
> for 1,500 buck... 15 bundles."
> So there you go. -M.
> "VanAllen, Keith G." <VanAllK at sutterhealth.org> wrote:
> Thanks Vector, I kinda figured this after reading a little on Erowid and
> from different online smart shops. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't
> missing something ;} Sometimes there are ways around these Regs and
> bylaws.
> On a different note, can we discuss price? Ibogaine as a raw material does
> not cost a substantial amount, even in the stores that do sell and ship.
> You could conceivably grow it in your yard without anyone taking notice to
> it, very few people are even aware of it's use as a drug of any kind..I
> have plenty of dope fien'nin acquaintances that just look at me puzzled
> like when I mention it. I don't know about anywhere else but in my locale
> all the authorities are busy enough with hard core narcotics and crime,
> the average cops would probably say "Ibogaine? What's that?" Why is this
> so expensive! Earlier someone said that $1500 was a decent price, hell,
> for that I could buy a whole lot of ANY thing else...it doesn't seem
> comprable.
> Anyone have thoughts on this?
> -Keith
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> Reputable and shipping ibogaine into the united states don't work in
> the same sentence ;) No store that wants to stay in business is going
> to ship a package that becomes a schedule 1 drug when it lands. I doubt
> this is for any ethical reasons, because what's ethical about the "war
> on drugs" or interest in american drug policy, it's the much simpler if
> something goes wrong and the package is stopped, they could have a lot
> of problems. Nobody is going to risk their business over making one
> sale to someone in the usa.
> At the same time there doesn't look like there is any lack of peeps who
> have no problems getting ibogaine in the usa ;)
> .:vector:.
> --- "VanAllen, Keith G." wrote:
>> Does anyone know of a reputable entho shop that will ship ibo to the
>> states or do I have to scuff around for it, since I am trying not to
>> go around the usual haunts this might pose a problem for me.
>> -Keith
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