[Ibogaine] relapse and treatment

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Wow! You beat me to it Vector...your psychic!


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This is a question for the peeps who are mostly in the NYC area that
have been treated. Preston wrote a message saying that most people were
not staying clean after ibogaine and didn't hold it together and then
wrote he didn't want the guide or a 'treatment' that goes for thousands
of dollars when he'd rather get the ibogaine and do it himself. 

Not being in NYC and only knowing the peeps who write here a lot, I
know Randy is mostly on cloud 9 and he put in the work to get himself a
new life. He is the exception I can think of while reading this list.

My question for all the other peeps treated in NY is, what happens when
you relapse and if that's a loaded word or one of those clean or dirty
discussions sorry and I don't mean to step on any toes, what I'm asking
is what makes that one time when you do go out and get heroin different
then all the other times you _want to_ but don't do it.

Also after that first time, does addiction work in a way that it's like
a death sentence? It looks almost like the first time almost for sure
will be followed by the second, third ,etc, time and it's back on
heroin, half a year of that, then another ibogaine detox. 

Is it not possible to stop after that one slip?

My second question is about guides and treatment instead of ibogaine
itself. I plan to do ibogaine for the first time and I already know
where I am going and who I feel the most comfortable with (Sara :).
After reading this list nearly since it started I would not want to be
doing ibogaine alone or with anyone who doesn't know what they're

What I want to ask is, if you're doing ibogaine to interrupt addiction
and you've already done it 3 or 4 times, you know what's going to
happen, you know how you respond to it. What exactly is the point of
having a 'guide' or 'treatment'? What Preston wrote made me think about
this, I mean in a underground setting it's not like the other person
there is going to do anything if there is a problem except (hopefully)
dial a ambulance. What's the point of that instead of getting ibogaine
and doing it yourself with your girlfriend or family given the same


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