[Ibogaine] Was ... Now The Goddess

slowone at hush.ai slowone at hush.ai
Wed Jun 22 00:42:38 EDT 2005

> Say what you want, call me immature, cite references all 
>you want, but it is not the nice guys who are ever appealing 
>to any woman, not sexually.

An anthropological study once showed that in some primitive 
tribe(s) the men who had killed in battle were more likely to have 
women. I think it is not the violence per se, but the willingness 
to brave getting in someone's face with your desires that appeals 
to women, and that bravery is most obvious in assholes, like the 
appeal of popularity is more obvious in rock stars. If you look 
beyond the comic-book obvious cases, there are lots of nice guys 
who wind up with good partners. They just aren't too nice to tell a 
woman what they want.

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