[Ibogaine] From the shadows a friendly voice

Capt Kirk captkirk at free.net.nz
Wed Jun 15 17:57:44 EDT 2005

Hugs to ya Keith, hiding in yonder shadows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mate, please don't be shy.... post away....... you will probably be Judged,
misunderstood, hugged lots, loved lots but that doesn't stop me, and I think
that's why I like everyone here...........never a dull moment!!!
Please share....it may help someone (if not yourself) and like you said,
we're all pretty much in the same boat.  I feel you're like me...... still
looking for the paddles and the wire cutters (for the barbed wire..., you
know, up shit creek in a barbed wire canoe etc etc........um, ok)
But anyway, you've blown it now we know you're there MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you're
in big trouble now Fella!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Much luff

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Hello Everyone,

I've been listening for about a year now....I don't have much to say, and
probably won't post allot...maybe it's fear of not being understood,
however, this is a very eclectic group and so I know a random post (even if
it is ignored) may be welcome. 

I just wanted to say I feel strangely tied to everyone here because we all
have a commonality and because I have kept reading your posts all this time,
so best of luck to everyone. I guess I wanted to send out some peace and
love myself, I might even light that candle.

In the "ten steps forward two steps back routine" I am in the ten steps back
phase...but hopefully not for long.


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