[Ibogaine] Herpes Type 2 & Ibogaine

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Hi Jenné,

National Library of Medicine

Search  term ibogaine will give you a good start/

Also google.com is a great search engine for finding just about anything.  
You just have to have some idea of what to look for.

Have you taken mdma and if so do you view ibogaine as a better medication for 
treating post traumatic stress disorder?


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>Sorry, Howard, but where do I find this stuff to actually read it?


>On 6/14/05 7:29 PM, "HSLotsof at aol.com" <HSLotsof at aol.com> wrote:

>> Here are some citations indicating, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal
>> actions of ibogaine. Howard

>> Silva EM, Cirne-Santos CC, Frugulhetti IC, Galvao-Castro B, Saraiva EM,
>> Kuehne ME, Bou-Habib DC.
>> Anti-HIV-1 activity of the Iboga alkaloid congener 18-methoxycoronaridine.
>> Planta Med. 2004 Sep;70(9):808-12.
>> PMID: 15386189 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

>>   Rastogi N, Abaul J, Goh KS, Devallois A, Philogene E, Bourgeois P.
>> Antimycobacterial activity of chemically defined natural substances from 
>> Caribbean flora in Guadeloupe.
>> FEMS Immunol Med Microbiol. 1998 Apr;20(4):267-73.
>> PMID: 9626931 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

>> Yordanov M, Dimitrova P, Patkar S, Falcocchio S, Xoxi E, Saso L, Ivanovska 

>> Ibogaine reduces organ colonization in murine systemic and gastrointestinal
>> Candida albicans infections.
>> J Med Microbiol. 2005 Jul;54(Pt 7):647-53.
>> PMID: 15947429 [PubMed - in process]

>> In a message dated 6/14/05 8:59:20 PM, beatriceblue at cox.net writes
>>> Just wanted to let you all know about what can only be described as a
>>> miracle.  I was raped in September of last year.  Before I got away from
>>> my attacker, he told me that I would remember him.  I didn't know exactly
>>> what he meant until 2 weeks later when I had a an outbreak of genital 
>>> They put me on Valtrex.  I had a blood test to check for anything else,
>>> of course, and thankfully everything else possible was clear.  Shortly
>>> thereafter I went down to St. Kitts, and in passing Dr. Mash said 
>>> about not being surprised if the Ibogaine kicked the herpes out of my
>body.  I paid it no mind at the time.  That Ibogaine session failed 

>>> Shortly after returning home, I got in touch with the Ibogaine Project
>>> guys, who treated me in their part of the world.  It was successful as 
far as
>>> getting through it and getting off (unlike St. Kitts), but because of 
>>> things I won't go into here I didn't stay off.  My Ibogaine provider
>was kind enough to try one more time, this time coming to my town.  
>>> about this time was perfect and it worked!

>>> Because of what Dr. Mash had mentioned, I mentioned it to my provider,
>>> who said nothing would surprise him either.  I had stopped taking the 
>>> around February, just to see if I would break out.  I didn't, but my
>>> boyfriend wasn't comfortable with my being off it so asked me to get back
>>> on until I could get a blood test done.  Last week I went in and got 
>>> tested for everything, my third test since the rape.  Just two minutes
>>> ago I got the phone call with the results:  I am completely clear of any 
>>> INCLUDING Herpes Simplex 2!!!!  I cannot believe it!  Ibogaine can be the
>>> only possible reason!  I have been given a second chance!  Right now I'm
>>> numb, I'm so amazed.  I will be making another appointment for another
>>> blood test tomorrow, just to be absolutely sure, but I had to share this 
>>> someone... Everyone!  THANK YOU IBOGA!!!!!  In a very weird way, my heroin
>>> addiction was a blessing.  Can you believe this?

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