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      how much xanax were you on ? and how much ibogaine were you given ?,  the half life of methadone is 6 months and it will be evident because you'll feel like the lights went back on and actually Xanax is longer up to 9 mo.,  benzos are hard to get through thats why i wonder if mabe some of this is associated with that sence the ibogaine deosn't seem to stop those withdrawls, not to promote getting high but grass/pot deos help with the anxiety and stabalize the mood of being worn down. also omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil) will help to stabalize the chemistry in the brain . the other question to know which detox your experiencing is the coldness in your legs in the core if that is still present then the methadone is still leaching if not its more than likely the benzo. whatever normal is when i detoxed it lasted 3-4 weeks that bone cold in the legs from methadone. and it seemed to be pretty much the same for others that i got to stay in contact with after detox. Valarian root for
 sleep 2 and 2 melatonin to help fall asleep see if that helps . hopefully you will be through this soon . 

Younger <younger1us at yahoo.com> wrote:

My name is Colby and I'm a 30 soon to be 31 year old
guy. I was given Ibogaine to get off of Methadone &
Xanax about 6 weeks ago. I was on Methadone for about
a year in a half(120 mg to start, 20mg before Ibo) for
OxyContin abuse. My question is how long does the
Methadone stay in your blood AND your bones? The
reason I ask is I still don't feel that my receptors
have "healed", and I don't really feel right yet. I
still only sleep about 5 hours a night at best, and I
still feel irritably and anxious. I also still see
tracers in my vision at night. I have been taking some
B-12, 5-HTP, and I just started St. John's Wort. Is
there anything else I should be doing besides THIS and
exercising? If someone could please get back to me
with some answers, I would greatly appreciate it.

Kind regards,


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