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mcorcoran mcorcoran27 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 14 18:34:47 EDT 2005

Hey Colby. I'm roughly your age and was on 110 mg of Methadone (90mg and the time of my treatment) and it took me a good two months before I felt completely back to normal. I was on methadone for 7 years prior to my treatment. I don't know how long its since your treatment but if your still seeing trails its probably not that long and if your getting 5 hours a night of sleep your probably way ahead of the game. If you have access to Ibogaine you might want to take a small booster. Its not gonna help your sleep but it could help with the other stuff. I know that although I felt like shit for a long time after I still felt "clean" and positive. 
I put about 4 months together after my first treatment but eventually I fucked up and had to be retreated for heroin. This time around I'm almost 3 months out and for the first month I was feeling a little off. No sleep at all for the first week or so and then over the course of a month I was able to get back into a normal sleeping pattern. So possibly some of the things you are going through are ibogaine side effects and not waithdrawal. Just roll with it and FEEL  whatever it is that you are FEELING and in no time you'll be on the other end. Whatever that is. 
Good luck man and hang in there it definitely gets better. -M.
Where were you treated if you don't mind me asking?

Younger <younger1us at yahoo.com> wrote:

My name is Colby and I'm a 30 soon to be 31 year old
guy. I was given Ibogaine to get off of Methadone &
Xanax about 6 weeks ago. I was on Methadone for about
a year in a half(120 mg to start, 20mg before Ibo) for
OxyContin abuse. My question is how long does the
Methadone stay in your blood AND your bones? The
reason I ask is I still don't feel that my receptors
have "healed", and I don't really feel right yet. I
still only sleep about 5 hours a night at best, and I
still feel irritably and anxious. I also still see
tracers in my vision at night. I have been taking some
B-12, 5-HTP, and I just started St. John's Wort. Is
there anything else I should be doing besides THIS and
exercising? If someone could please get back to me
with some answers, I would greatly appreciate it.

Kind regards,


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