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Wed Jun 8 21:17:31 EDT 2005

i've got a question about the name of a specific amino acid in the reconstruction of cells during detox the same amino acid that the body has to replace an enzyme  that causes the sickness of withdrawl i worked with a guy who was on 180 mg. methadone and we used a daily regiment of 30mg of ibogaine for 4 days after the initial 15mg per kilo flood on day one .i for the life of me cannot remember the amino acid i wrote it down but some how lost track.. anyway i had my own doctor at the clinic for methadone i attended the year before explain this proccess so i understand the importance of this specific amino acid if anybody knows please let me know its not the combo of ,  its one.... the results were amazing at 8;30 am. when he would take this he felt almost as if there was no sence of discomfort as if there was no internal struggle in the body happenning  by 12:00 pm.  some symptoms would begin mostly cold in the core of the legs at that time we would administer the 30 mg. booster of 
 ibogaine that would arrest any further symptoms .this seems to be a helpful agent in  the post accute withdrawls .. thanx rocky

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