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> It was mostly a joke Steve :) 
> Patrick is a very unique person ;) He was a lifetime junkie except he 
> has like a 300IQ and talks to god now. Mash introduces him as her son, 
> I'm sure being a 7 foot tall pumped up alpha male prettyboy might have 
> something to do with her great love for him too ;) I'm going to use my 
> best judgment and stop now :) 
> You say you're talking to someone at Mash's office who says they were a 
> junkie but doesn't know what hydrocodone, lortab or percoset are. I'd 
> wonder about that ;) 
> I don't really know any of the other people you're talking about, so 
> why don't you call other places and find what you want to do. That 
> wasn't a joke, I'm sure you will eventually find someone who tells you 
> what you want to hear :) I honestly doubt you're going to die anywhere 
> from doing ibogaine. You probably have a bigger chance of dying by 
> driving your car to work while on your meds. 
> .:vector:. 
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> > Vector, 
> > I am not sure what you were saying in your last post. I 
> > think that you referring to the people that answers the phones at her 
> > place. They freak you out. It may be cool to talkjunkie talk with a 
> > lifetime junkie. But I am a guy that has no drug friends, never have 
> > and this was something that anyone that knows me would have said that 
> > there is no way that Steve would have become addicted to pain 
> > killers. 
> > 
> > So when I call a place that I am going to spend alot of money and I 
> > an worried about the safety of the drug, I dont want to get to talk 
> > to an exjunkie that is talking "drug lingo" You know kinda of like 
> > this.' Man this stuff is some good shit it will blow you away, it is 
> > a trip you will love this fuckin stuff". Now dont get me wrong I want 
> > to talk to people that have experienced this. But in my opinion I 
> > would have been alot more comfortable if a good spoken secretary 
> > answered and then had a professional call to discuss this and that 
> > point give me some junkies numbers to talk to. I wouldnt have them 
> > man the phones if it was me. 
> > 
> > By the way when we talked he was asking me to tell him about my 
> > problem and I told him that I was addicted to hydrocodone. He said 
> > "Hydrocodone I am not sure what that is" I said you know 
> > lortab,percocet and he said. " Not sure what that is but that shit 
> > sounds good" and I am like wait a minute this is the place that 
> > supposed to be the only legitimate facility and this is what I got. I 
> > said "HOLY SHIT" 
> > 
> > So I got him to give me Dr Mash nu mber and when I called her she 
> > was yelling at someone in the background while driving and I am 
> > She had a Nurse name Rosetta call me and she was the only one that 
> > seemed normal and sounded like a business setting. She sent me the 
> > medical protocol and the woman at the clinic looked at me like I was 
> > crazy. She said we are not set up to even to do all this. So I say 
> > 
> > Now last but not least I called the clinic in Mexico that I was told 
> > that Debra Mash owns and I get to talk to another junkie. He said 
> > good news you dont have to do the medical protocol, we do it here. I 
> > am thinking I am flying to Cancun not knowing if I am ok to do this 
> > and he says "Oh you will be ok and never ask me one question about 
> > me, my health, age, nothing. He also said that this will be the 
> > easiest thing that you have ever done. You will be a new man in 4 
> > days. You know the saying anything that is too good to be true its 
> > probably not. He made it sound like a vacation. So Vector your 
> > diagnosis of me maybe right I was just wanting to give you more of 
> > what I have dealt with so that you can see why I feel so unsure of 
> > what the hell to do. 
> > 
> > Steve 
> > 
> > 
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