Raich / Supremes / general fear and Ignorance

badri maliwal bmali at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 6 23:32:24 EDT 2005

here is a comment from a blog on Supreme Court . the
comment speaks for itself . Ibo faces the same kind of
mind set ...

In 1984, I defended a death penalty eligible double
murderer who could only tell me that he did not
remember the events because he had been smoking
marijuana. (He only got eighty years). Not too long
ago, I asked an oncologist whether he prescribed legal
cannabiol to his cancer patients as an anti-emetic and
whether he had seen symptoms of psychosis. He
practically laughed at me. He said that he prescribed
Zofran -- it was a much superior anti-emetic. I
believe that the so-called "medical use" of marijuana
is just so much nonsense. There are too many cases of
marijuana smokers committing horrible crimes after
going into a "disassociative state" by smoking
marijuana. The Supreme Court went the long way to
reach the right decision but regardless the reasoning
the question is why it was not unanimous.

Posted by: Iron Teakettle at June 6, 2005 10:24 PM

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