peace love n fried bananas.

Capt Kirk captkirk at
Thu Jun 2 17:33:10 EDT 2005

An excerpt from Meg Blackburn:

"Greetings to each of you! Since the star gate opened on the 17th of April,
we seem to be experiencing a streamlined influx of intergalactic energies!
Many of you may be feeling that you are having a hard time staying in your
bodies, or staying grounded. That is because we are literally receiving more
light in our bodies as the energies pass through us. Intuition seems to be
wide open, as is manifestation."

Is this what's happening here?  The claws are out and people seem to have
forgotten what Iboga is all about.  How bout you all go do some grounding
exercises, take sum deep breaths and then perhaps we can get back to basics
and being nice to eachother.

Well, that's what happens in my "real world".  

Call me a fruitcake and I'll share a slice wit cha!!!

Luff lite n chocolate n fried bananas

Capt Kirk (beat me up Scotty)


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