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Wed Jun 1 20:48:23 EDT 2005

Tell that to the Dead bodies. I'm glad you did a discount treatment  
illegally in Brooklyn. You where obviously healthy. but there are many who where  
treated by Mash who would could have died had she not had competent experts  there 
to treat every possible emergency.
If Mash could do it cheaper she would. If we all could give this to  everyone 
for free we would. But Mash and Kamlet  know that one dead body  equals an 
ice bergs chance in hell that the FDA will  ever approve this  drug.
Yes, Mexico and clandestine providers help many who might have died anyway.  
But the real goal is legalization. Mash and Kamlet and Howard and others work  
towards that end. Dead bodies and good meaning nonprofessionals acting as  
treatment providers = The FDA saying NO NO NO  NEVER!!!!!!!
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