[Ibogaine] Ibo in Mexico and everyone gets rich

Ron Davis rwd3 at cox.net
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Eric may not have the credentials that some others on the list have, and he may enjoy the trappings of money as many credentialed providers do, however I found the the guy working with him, Tommy,  a dude who is very focused on sobriety , to be caring , conscientious and connected to many valuable resources as was Eric. I was surprised.  Tommy, if you find him, is a great provider. Nicely framed credentials are not necessary to be caring and giving.  However,  the hard academic achievements of those that have them certainly does not diminish their capacity to heal, it's just sometimes those folks focus on that to their detriment.  I know highly educated, qualified people who have lost out on opportunities flaunting their diplomas,  underestimating the human equation.  An example would be the US electing  our current President for 2 terms,  love him or hate him but the human equation defiantly played the key role. I still suffer so my thinking and reasoning skills are certainly open to criticism. ron
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  Mash has a new clinic in Mexico and they are doing an excellent job there. I do not think mash is going to allow Taub to treat there but who knows.
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