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Hello all!  I have been lurking a lot.. Nothing really to add.Had a bad patch for a while.Came down with viral spinal meningitis. Had a really "High" fever.Then after being packed in ice and having fans blowing at me for 12 hours and given IV antibiotics, the  fever just broke.Not fun but no lasting damage noticed.Thank god. Anyhoo... I started having short term recall problems " worse than usual" and spells of nausea. Went into a mild depression for a while but slowly things are getting back to normal. I ran across this story while surfing at work. l cut it out and carry it around with me all the time.When I ever start getting the blues I pull out this story and read it.Puts things in a different light.
For those that don't remember me I am a chronic pain patient / recovering addict that wants to use Ibo to try and kick the morphine I am scripted for pain.I have been taking meds so long I just want to try and live with the pain.I have lots of side effects that high dose opiates cause.I am shooting for next spring to have 2 weeks off work and go to one of the kind providers that are active on this list.
Thanks so much for all the support you all give out.You do not realize how much love, life and hope you add to a lot of folks lives that are just lurking on this list! I feel like we are all friends that have just not met yet. Someday, I hope to be able to become active and go to some of the conventions.  How about Chen and his wife? 
Love,   Jerry   

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