[Ibogaine] Ibo & Naltrexone

Beatrice Blue beatriceblue at cox.net
Fri Jul 29 19:08:57 EDT 2005

I took Naltrexone (also called Revia), which is an opiate antagonist.  It's what 
the use for the Ultra Rapid or what they put people that are clean on it so they 
can't use.  Also they use it for terminally ill patients to keep them from 
becoming addicted.  Go figure, huh.  Anyway, I quit cold turkey after over 4 
years for using, and the doctor that sent me home with pills sent me home 
with Naltrexone also, making sure to tell me not to at it until I returned you 
him 3 days later.  I did, he gave it to me, and it was the absolute excruciating 
pain I'd ever experience for 3-4 hours.  But, after that I was amazing fine.  
Could sleep, felt great and electric.  I'm so over this right now I'm willing to 
go through it again to feel better.  Crawling out of my skin.  But worried 
because it' no longer some recreation use, it's now been a 10+ career.

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