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Who wrote these?

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> On Jul 27, 2005, at 8:10 PM, Matthew Shriver wrote:
>> I was going to respond to this earlier but decided not to, but since you
>> asked and I know the answer; it was in one if the later ringworld books.
>> The main character gets addicted to constant electro-stimulation of his
>> brain's pleasure centers.  I read it when I was still strung out on 
>> heroin
>> and was actually a little disappointed by the same character's ability to
>> just let his addiction go later in the book.  Not a fair representation 
>> of
>> the helplessness of addiction I thought.
> Yes, but his defining characteristic was that he had a will so strong that 
> he could walk away from any addiction. Oriental strong man-- a cliche 
> character, really, like Pham Nuwen in A DEEPNESS IN THE SKY & A FIRE ON 
> THE DEEP or Raghunath Rao in the BELISARIUS series or Chang in AGENT OF 
> OTOH, we all know of people who simply walked away from addiction because 
> they were very determined and self-possessed. A minority, for sure.
> Dana/cnw
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