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Most sci-fi books I really liked by good authors, didn't have any
understanding of addiction at all and it makes for a fake, plastic
hero, anti hero, whatev.

Stephen King has one of his main characters in the Gunslinger cycle
being a junkie from NYC before changing worlds. He has a hard time
getting off heroin and the man in black who is the villain of the
series, fucks with his head alot by promising to open a gateway through
time to NYC in the 70s to 90s, so he can score heroin ;)

Philip K. Dick is great, William Gibson was great but I've gotten bored
of what he is doing nowadays. Neil Gaiman did amazing art with his
Sandman series but his novels haven't done anything for me. I read some
of the Ringworld novels when I was in high school but can't place the
one you guys are talking about.


--- Dana Beal <dana at phantom.com> wrote:

> On Jul 27, 2005, at 8:10 PM, Matthew Shriver wrote:
> > I was going to respond to this earlier but decided not to, but
> since 
> > you
> > asked and I know the answer; it was in one if the later ringworld 
> > books.
> > The main character gets addicted to constant electro-stimulation of
> his
> > brain's pleasure centers.  I read it when I was still strung out on
> > heroin
> > and was actually a little disappointed by the same character's
> ability 
> > to
> > just let his addiction go later in the book.  Not a fair 
> > representation of
> > the helplessness of addiction I thought.
> Yes, but his defining characteristic was that he had a will so strong
> that he could walk away from any addiction. Oriental strong man-- a 
> cliche character, really, like Pham Nuwen in A DEEPNESS IN THE SKY &
> A 
> FIRE ON THE DEEP or Raghunath Rao in the BELISARIUS series or Chang
> in 
> OTOH, we all know of people who simply walked away from addiction 
> because they were very determined and self-possessed. A minority, for
> sure.
> Dana/cnw
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