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You rock the fuck out Tink!

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I was reminded
Of a person I know
That dwells within me
That shines brightly
And can see the wind
a person i once held hands with
And long to do so again
A person who knows
The language of the Earth
Who is unafraid
One who smiles with delight
for no particular reason
I felt the planet move
In a sigh of contentment
Of sorrow
of love
And I longed to be the one to comfort her
To be the person
Who can sing with the birds
And play like the ocean
Who storms within
Who storms without
But the sun returns
To shine upon
And to dry her tears
both happy and sad
I saw a glimpse of you
Who holds up the sky
And lets the clouds move freely
Who brings the dawn
Of a new day
And i saw a glimpse of me
All of me
As i was
as i am
as i will be again
Who we all are
Whether we realize it or not
When we are
At our best
Laughing and crying
Screaming to be heard
To feel
To be felt
to belong in our own skin
I saw a mirror image
Another me
Repeated endlessly
In a small frame
And I broke through
Smashing the glass
Fists bloodied
knees on the floor
In relief
of freedom
Fought for
And won
But the cost
Oh, the cost
It is not a bill I have wanted to pay
And now
As I sit amidst the shards
And feel the pain
I have gained
(25 April 05)
love \

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