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A message from our friends from Students for Sensible Drug Policy:

Dear ASA Community,

Since 2000, students with drug convictions have been blocked access to
federal financial aid as a result of a little known provision of the Higher
Education Act (HEA). Added as a committee amendment in 1998, the Drug
Provision slipped into the 257-page HEA reauthorization bill without debate
or a recorded vote.

Now, as Congress turns its attention to this legislation once again, there
is an opportunity to scrap the Drug Provision once and for all. The House
and the Senate are currently considering revisions to the Higher Education
Act, including the Drug Provision.

Contact your representatives in Congress now and urge them to fully repeal
the Drug Provision and help young people get the education they need to live
productive lives and be responsible citizens.

Tomorrow or Wednesday, the House Education and Workforce Committee will
vote on an amendment to fully repeal the Higher Education Act Drug

U.S. Representative Rob Andrews (D-NJ) is introducing the amendment and he
needs your support!


1.Send a message to your representative:

2.Find out if your representative sits on the House Education and Workforce
Committee: http://edworkforce.house.gov/members/109th/mem-fc.htm

3.If so, CALL HIM OR HER NOW! Urge your representative to support the
Andrews Amendment to repeal the ban on federal financial aid for students
with drug convictions! Find your representative's phone number:

Sample Phone Script:

Hello, my name is ______ and I am calling from _____.  I am calling to urge
Senator/Representative _____ vote for Representative Rob Andrew's amendment 
to repeal the ban on federal financial aid for students with drug 

Right now, the author of the law, Congressman Mark Souder (R-IN) is offering
a proposal to scale back the Drug Provision. His proposal is a 10% solution
for a 100% flawed law. Under his proposal, the Drug Provision would still
disproportionately affect minorities and students from low- and
middle-income families. It would still only affect students who are doing
well in school.

The Drug Provision is a bad law that CANNOT be fixed. Please tell
Senator/Representative _____ to FULLY repeal the ban on federal financial
aid for drug convictions.


Thanks so much! Don't hesitate to contact SSDP if you have absolutely any


Abby Bair, Outreach Director
Students for Sensible Drug Policy
1623 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 300
Washington, DC 20009
P: 202-293-4414
F: 202-293-8344
C: 202-903-6329
W: www.DAREgeneration.com
Rebecca Saltzman
Field Coordinator
Americans for Safe Access
p (510) 251-1856
f (510) 251-2036

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