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HI people just some thoughts – and a ramble

I wonder if people are aware of the National Treatment Agency (NTA) here in 
the UK?  This is a government health authority set up to look at substance 
misuse services. Their slogan is more treatment, better treatment, fairer 
treatment familiar? They set this system up called the models of care – its 
looks at existing services breaks them down into tiers such as 1, 2, 3, 4 
typically tier one is GP, tier two voluntary sector counselling/ advice/ 
drop in, counselling type stuff. Tier three where I work is statutory 
specialist agency’ typically the folk that have the funding for in patient 
detox and res rehab etc. Then tier 4a, which is detox, and rehab then tier 
4b specialist stuff such as liver units etc.

The NTA have set various targets that agencies must meet to secure ongoing 
funding. One of the main targets is waiting times. They say that from 
initial assessment an individual must be in treatment within 3 weeks (one 
week if your in the criminal justice system) treatment usually means 
methadone, subutex res rehab etc. The models of care only deals with 
illicit, usually class A drugs users. This leaves the folk battling with 
societies favourite drug – alcohol pissing in the wind. They are developing 
models of care for alcohol too- probs 3 years before any money comes though.

The agency I work for offer 4 clinics appointment each week with 5 people 
booked in each. The assessments take approx 30 mins and are aimed at 
gathering information only, hopefully leading to a referral to the relevant 
service at the end. If you are already in the criminal justice system or 
have tested positive whilst in custody this means that you are likely to get 
a script within 1 week. If you’re out grafting day and night but haven’t 
been caught yet you could be waiting up to 8 months. If you are screwing 
yourself over with alcohol then you will wait even longer – Think back to 
the afore mentioned targets! A joke? I think so just not funny for the folk 
literally dying waiting- each agency has to submit data to the NTA which on 
the face of it look like we are hitting the targets when in fact they are no 
were near that – as with most things statistics can be made to fit the 
fattest of lies.

I wonder what other nations have in comparison to this can you shed any 
light good people? –

Methadone and the likes while I’m sure helps some folk just seems to me to 
be a money making scam designed to turn folk in to more secure addicts quite 
happy to plug into the system and if their really lucky get meaningless 
employment and add to the cogs of the this so called life. Come to think of 
it what is meaningful employment?? Are we all not working- usually for more 
of our lives than not – breaking our backs to maybe reach the dizzy heights 
of mass debt of house, car, credit card hell. Why and how did this happen – 
People are starving and dying left right and centre and the system appears 
to be stamping its mark everywhere – how did the minority create soo many 
slaves of the majority? Do we really get that much pleasure out of gadgets 
and gismos while forgetting about the splendour of the earth?? Each other – 
and ourselves –

It seems that proper research into ibogaine is hampered as it might actually 
help people – man that hurts – churn out the bullshit medical wand of hell 
tablets onto everyone and stuff the plants and things of the earth that 
really help? Care, love beauty everything has a bloody price tag attached 
and if it hasn’t we don’t want to know –

Surly we as intelligent beings of earth can create something that includes 
and loves us all?? Before we just disappear up our own arses like the fools 
we seem desperate to be.

Any thoughts and ideas on a complete system change would be lovely to read??

Much love-


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>Max asked >What country is Ollie North wanted in for drug smuggling?<
>Wanted? I'm not actually sure he's exactly "wanted" for trafficking, but I 
>do know he's barred from entering Costa Rica, or at least was for quite 
>some time, supposedly for life last I heard and as near as best I could 
>find out when writing the article just below this brief excerpt by Celerino 
>Castillo (most typos you find when reading my article were fixed before 
>publishing, so please refrain from writing to tell me about this or that 
>typo- it was published almost a year ago now)..
>In July of 1989, Costa Rica officially declared that Oliver L. North and 
>other Americans were barred from the country because they were part of "an 
>organization made up of Panamanians, Colombians, Costa Ricans, and citizens 
>of other nationalities who dedicated themselves to international cocaine 
>Lots more at the above URL, OR, you can read the following story I 
>published in my book for the Disinformation Company (www.disinfo.com), 
>"Under the Influence- the Disinformation Guide to Drugs. "
>Oliver North - Still In Denial
>By Preston Peet
>            Former U.S. Marine Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North appeared on 
>the FOX network's news program Hannity and Colmes on February 25, 2004 and 
>boldly declared "The fact is nobody in the government of the United States, 
>going all the way back to the earliest days of this under Jimmy Carter, 
>ever had anything to do with running drugs to support the Nicaraguan 
>resistance. Nobody in the government of the United States. I will stand on 
>that to my grave."
>With this incredible statement, North was responding to statements by U.S. 
>Presidential candidate John Kerry (D- Massachusetts), on his campaign 
>website, that in the 1980s Sen. Kerry had helped hold Oliver North 
>"accountable" for his actions while illegally assisting the Nicaraguan 
>Contras wage their war. North told hosts Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes that 
>Kerry was "wrong," that Kerry "makes this stuff up and then he can't 
>justify it," specifically talking about the December, 1988 report titled 
>Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy, prepared and released by the 
>Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics and International Operations, 
>chaired by Sen. Kerry. The Kerry Committee investigated allegations that 
>North, hired to work in President Ronald Reagan's National Security Council 
>in 1981, and compatriots in the NSC had been funding, arming and training 
>the Contras in contravention of the Boland Agreement, in part by illegally 
>selling missiles to Iran and using the proceeds to fund the Contra war, and 
>in part by working with known drug traffickers in Contra supply operations.
>"Oliver North was indicted in March 1988 on 16 Iran-Contra charges," 
>reported former DEA agent and decorated veteran Celerino Castillo in a 
>March 8, 2003 article for ReconsiDer.org, protesting an appearance by North 
>at a Salvation Army fundraising event near Castillo's home in Texas. "After 
>deliberating for 64 hours over a 12-day period, the jury on May 6, 1989 
>returned a verdict of guilty on three counts which included: (1) aiding and 
>abetting obstruction of Congress, (2) shredding and altering official 
>documents, and (3) accepting an illegal gratuity from General Richard V. 
>Secord. Judge Gesell sentenced North on July 05, 1989 to two years 
>probation, $150,000. in fines and 1,200 hours community service..North's 
>convictions were vacated on July 20, 1990 after the appeals court found 
>that witnesses in his trial might have been impermissibly affected by his 
>immunized congressional testimony." In other words, North was convicted of 
>some charges, such as shredding much of the evidence, but got off on a 
>technicality. North was never tried nor even charged with drug trafficking, 
>(at least not in the U.S.- but he is barred from ever entering Costa Rica 
>due to drug trafficking charges, along with Gen. Secord, and others) even 
>though he enabled the trafficking of literally tons of drugs into the 
>United States while the U.S. was busy ratcheting up the domestic War on 
>Some Drugs and Users.
>The actions Sen. Kerry is proud of investigating and subsequently holding 
>North accountable for never included any allegations that North or anyone 
>else in the U.S. government was directly dealing or trafficking drugs, 
>(although there are instances on public record of active CIA agents, not 
>merely assets, trafficking drugs into the U.S., just not in the Kerry 
>Report) or using drug proceeds to fund the Contra war, only that North and 
>others had not reported allegations and knowledge of drug running by 
>certain Contra supporters and U.S. government and intelligence assets.
>In one instance described in the Kerry Report, North directly intervened to 
>help obtain a lenient prison sentence at Eglin Air Force Base federal 
>prison camp in Florida for former Honduran general José Bueso Rosa, to help 
>keep Bueso quiet about NSC-supported illegal covert Contra supply missions 
>Bueso had been involved with. The U.S. Justice Department called the Bueso 
>Rosa case the "most significant case of narco-terrorism yet discovered," as 
>Bueso had been plotting to use the proceeds from a 345 pound cocaine 
>shipment estimated by federal agents to be worth $40 million, intercepted 
>on October 28, 1984 in Florida by the FBI, to assassinate Honduran 
>President Roberto Suazo Córdoba.
>North also claimed in an email message to Admiral John Poindexter on August 
>23, 1986, to have a "fairly good relationship" with Panamanian President 
>and friend to drug traffickers Manual Noriega, when urging that the U.S. 
>government work to help repair Noriega's image in the U.S. press. 
>Poindexter wrote back, saying he had nothing against Noriega except for his 
>"illegal activities." The New York Times had already at that point exposed 
>Noriega's extensive ties to international drug trafficking, yet North still 
>wanted to pay Noriega $1 million out of "Project Democracy" money, raised 
>from the illegal sale of U.S. arms to Iran, to enlist Noriega's help in 
>sabotaging Sandinista facilities.
>The Subcommittee report, also known as the Kerry Committee Report, lists on 
>pages 146-147, 15 entries from notebooks filled with Oliver North's own 
>handwriting, detailing drug connections to operations which were supporting 
>the Contras. These included references to arms in Honduras intended for the 
>Contras which had initially been financed with $14 million in drug profits, 
>according to a message from Secord to North, and direct knowledge of planes 
>flying supplies south to the Contras that were returning to the U.S. full 
>of drugs. "Numerous other entries contain references to individuals or 
>events which Subcommittee staff has determined have relevance to narcotics, 
>terrorism or international operations," notes the Kerry Report, "but whose 
>ambiguities cannot be resolved without the production of the deleted 
>materials by North and his attorneys. Accordingly, the Subcommittee 
>continues to believe that the production of the deleted material could shed 
>important light on a number of issues in connections with foreign policy, 
>law enforcement and narcotics and terrorism." The 15 surviving entries 
>taken directly from North's diaries and listed by the Kerry Report, as 
>transcribed by the National Security Archive, an extensive online 
>repository of declassified U.S. government documents, are as follows:
>May 12, 1984.contract indicates that Gustavo is involved w/ drugs. (Q0266)
>June 26, 1984. DEA- (followed by two blocks of text deleted by North) 
>June 27, 1984. Drug Case - DEA program on controlling cocaine- Ether 
>cutoff- Colombians readjusting- possible negotiations to move on refining 
>effort to Nicaragua- Pablo Escobar-Colombian drug czar- Informant (Pilot) 
>is indicted criminal- Carlos Ledher- Freddy Vaughn (Q0354)
>July 9, 1984. [NOTE: Portions transcribed in Kerry Report but deleted from 
>declassified version] Call from Clarridge- Call Michel re Narco Issue- RIG 
>at 1000 Tomorrow (Q0384)- DEA Miami- Pilot went talked to Vaughn- wanted 
>A/C to go to Bolivia to p/u paste- want A/C to p/u 1500 kilos- Bud to meet 
>w/ Group (Q0385)
>July 12, 1984. [NOTE: Portions transcribed in Kerry Report but deleted from 
>declassified version] Gen. Gorman-*Include Drug Case (Q0400) Call from 
>Johnstone- (White House deletion) leak on Drug (0402)
>July 17, 1984. Call to Frank M- Bud Mullins Re- leak on DEA piece- Carlton 
>Turner (Q0418) Call from Johnstone- McManus, LA Times-says/NSC source 
>claims W.H. has pictures of Borge loading cocaine in Nic. (Q0416)
>July 20, 1984. Call from Clarridge:-Alfredo Cesar Re Drugs-Borge/Owen leave 
>Hull alone (Deletions)/Los Brasiles Air Field-Owen off Hull (Q0426)
>July 27, 1984. Clarridge:-(Block of White House deleted text 
>follows)-Arturo Cruz, Jr.-Get Alfredo Cesar on Drugs (Q0450)
>July 31, 1984. -Finance: Libya- Cuba/Bloc Countries-Drugs. . . Pablo 
>Escobar/Federic Vaughn (Q0460)
>July 31, 1984. [NOTE: Portions transcribed in Kerry Report but deleted from 
>declassified version] Staff queries re (White House deletion) role in DEA 
>operations in Nicaragua (Q0461)
>December 21, 1984. Call from Clarridge: Ferch (White House deletion)- 
>Tambs- Costa Rica- Felix Rodriguez close to (White House deletion)- not 
>assoc. W/Villoldo- Bay of Pigs- No drugs (Q0922)
>January 14, 1985. $14 million to finance came from drugs (Q1039)
>July 12, 1985. $14 million to finance came from drugs
>August 10, 1985. Mtg w/ A.C.- name of DEA person in New Orleans re Bust on 
>Mario/ DC-6 (Q1140)
>February 27, 1986. Mtg w/ Lew Tambs- DEA Auction A/C seized as drug 
>runners.- $250-260K fee (Q2027)
>One might wonder what relevance these events of some 20 years ago and more 
>have today, or why anyone who is against the whole idea of a War on Some 
>Drugs and Users should be bothered in the first place by officially 
>sanctioned drug trafficking. It isn't the officially sanctioned drug 
>running itself that is particularly galling - it's the fact that millions 
>of people's lives were turned into living hell for daring to buy and use 
>the very drugs that the U.S. government, through it's assets, agents and 
>officials like Oliver North, were busy assuring entered the U.S. by the 
>There's also the whole troubling aspect of the current War on Terror and 
>the variety of ties North had to many bloodthirsty, murderous terrorists 
>and countries that support them, including Iran. What was going through the 
>minds of the folk who hired North to host a FOX News television show (War 
>Stories with Oliver North)? How did North state such nonsense on the 
>national airwaves as he did on Hannity and Colmes and not get called onto 
>the carpet for it by hosts Hannity or Colmes? North wrote in an online 
>column, February 20, 2004, again reacting to the Kerry Campaign website, 
>that his detractors "may even cite some subcommittee hearings that Kerry 
>held months after the close of the official investigation. His little witch 
>hunt eventually did publish a report that was so incredibly biased as to 
>give the word 'slander' an inadequate definition." It's a bit of a mystery 
>that North can make this sort of comment when the Kerry Report is full of 
>North's own diary notations, explicitly outlining a variety of drug 
>connections to what he was doing, connections and allegations involving 
>assets and supporters of the Contras of which he was aware yet never once 
>reported to any proper U.S. law enforcement authorities.
>"A lot of people make a lot false statements and inaccurate statements, and 
>statements full of BS on these shows," says Peter Kornbluh, a senior 
>analyst at the National Security Archive and editor of The Iran-Contra 
>Scandal - the Declassified History. "Oliver North is not known for his 
>veracity, accuracy, or frankly his honesty. One of the reasons that my 
>organization [National Security Archive] exists is that there isn't a lot 
>of institutional memory in this town or in this country. There isn't a real 
>clear focus on history. People like Oliver North think they can readily get 
>away with making inaccurate statements but luckily we do have the 
>documentation which is why we get it up there, so people can see the record 
>for themselves." Kornbluh is very careful to point out that, in his 
>opinion, the U.S. government was not directly involved in trafficking drugs 
>nor funding the Contra war with drug proceeds. "You have to be careful with 
>your language. You don't want to be inaccurate like [North] is. The United 
>States government was not itself involved in trafficking drugs. The Contra 
>war was not a situation where drug smuggling was financing the war. What 
>was happening was that we were working with drug smugglers and knew that 
>they were smuggling drugs but really didn't care in the grand scheme of 
>things because what was more important was to kill lots of Sandinista and 
>Nicaraguan peasants, and wage the paramilitary war in Central America." 
>Kornbluh disputes that notion that the Contras needed or used drug funds to 
>support their war, but says "it doesn't really make any difference. It 
>doesn't make it any less reprehensible that the U.S. government 
>collaborated with drug smugglers because they had some contribution to make 
>to the Contra war and allowed their drug smuggling to go forward. Oliver 
>North tried to get a Honduran general [Bueso] off the hook and out of jail 
>in the U.S. because he was less worried about a very high level drug 
>smuggler going to prison than he was about the guy actually turning around 
>and spilling the beans about what was going on. That in my mind is just as 
>criminal. A lot of people thought that there was some need to have drug 
>smuggling money in the pot. There really never was a need."
>Castillo, the only DEA officer on the ground in El Salvador while NSC and 
>CIA-run hangers 4 and 5 at Illopango Airfield were being used in Contra 
>supply operations and for drug smuggling, points out that the person 
>sitting behind the wheel of the getaway car outside the bank is just as 
>guilty and is charged the same as the people who go inside with the guns. 
>So it seems a bit like semantics to allege that because North did not have 
>his hands on the drugs that neither he nor any other U.S. officials were 
>involved in drug trafficking. "It's not," Kornbluh says. "It's just being 
>historically accurate. You can be historically accurate and still come out 
>with the same dark, ugly picture of the activities involving Oliver North 
>and Richard Secord, and Admiral John Poindexter and others. The drug 
>smugglers thought they were gaining protection by being part of the CIA 
>operation as well. You had one guy, the country's largest marijuana 
>smuggler, Michael Palmer, a pilot for the humanitarian aid side [of the 
>Contra support operations] in 1986, but who had already been indicted for 
>smuggling huge quantities of marijuana, for distribution and trafficking, 
>at the time he was still flying - and being paid with US government tax 
>dollars I might add. If you just stick to the history you already have a 
>dark enough picture."
>Robert Parry, author of Lost History- Contras, Cocaine, The Press and 
>Project Truth, who in the 1980s while writing for the Associated Press 
>wrote the first mainstream press articles about Oliver North's secret 
>Contra-supply network and about Contra cocaine trafficking allegations, 
>thinks that North was perhaps setting up a straw man argument by stating 
>that "Nobody in the government of the United States" was using drug money 
>to support the Contras' war. "Our stories focused more on the elements of 
>the Contras running drugs. I don't think we ever specifically alleged that 
>U.S. officials ran drugs. North may be making a fairly narrow point [in his 
>comments on the Hannity and Colmes show], and I can't recall Kerry ever 
>alleging that any specific US officials ran drugs. I think the issue was 
>really that elements of the Contras were implicated and the strongest 
>criticism of people in the US government was they didn't act as 
>aggressively as they should have to stop it because of political and 
>national security concerns. This was the point that hooked up the San Jose 
>Mercury News [which published Gary Webb's Dark Alliance series in August 
>1996, outlining certain CIA assets' ties to the crack explosion in the 
>United States, and got blasted in much of the U.S. mainstream press for 
>publishing it] for quite a while. The game often is to overstate what 
>people have alleged then knock it down. I think that the allegations have 
>been that the U.S. government looked the other way as regards the evidence 
>for whatever reasons or tried to discredit witnesses when someone came 
>forward. In those kinds of instances I guess you could say they aided and 
>abetted. I don't think the allegations were made that people in the U.S. 
>government brought the drugs in or sold them on the streets. This was the 
>parody of Gary Webb's story, that the CIA was standing on street corners in 
>Los Angeles slinging the crack cocaine. He never said that and no one did 
>as far as I can tell, but this became the straw man that everyone knocked 
>down. It does sound like he's [North] maybe somewhat exaggerating Kerry's 
>position then giving a fairly narrow response to the exaggeration."
>Despite these nuances, there is no denying that Oliver North knew some of 
>his assets were trafficking tons of drugs into the United States while 
>there was a very expensive and deadly serious War Against Some Drugs and 
>Users going on and getting hotter. There's no two ways about it- by 
>allowing his assets and associates to engage in such serious and widespread 
>trafficking, North himself was involved in that drug trafficking, 
>especially since there is no record anywhere of his reporting these 
>allegations to any law enforcement agencies at all. There are plenty of 
>people currently incarcerated inside U.S. prisons on drug conspiracy 
>charges, charges which stem solely from their not having informed law 
>enforcement officials of their personal knowledge of ongoing drug 
>trafficking. These people are no more guilty of explicitly trafficking in 
>drugs than North is, in most cases much less.
>Oliver North is "a chronic liar," Castillo emphatically states. "It has 
>been proven time and time again that several arms of the United States 
>government were involved in sleeping with the cartels, specifically during 
>the 1980s. The CIA's final Contra report [The Hitz Report, released in two 
>volumes, in January and October, 1998] indicates and confirmed that assets 
>for the CIA were in fact involved in drug trafficking. The Kerry Committee 
>also confirmed that many of the assets were heavily involved. One thing 
>very important to keep in mind is I have the case files. I have the names, 
>and NADIS numbers of all the traffickers that were involved in the 
>Iran-Contra investigation, many of whom were documented as drug traffickers 
>by other U.S. government law enforcement agencies long before I documented 
>them. These were all people who worked with Oliver North, mainly out of 
>Illopango." Castillo is also bothered by North's connections to genuine 
>terrorists working for the U.S. government's Contra operations. "There's 
>Luis Posada Carriles, the Cuban long-time CIA assert who was working for 
>North at Illopango. He was working with ["former" CIA agent and assassin of 
>Che Guevara] Felix Rodriguez. What the hell was this guy, this terrorist 
>who blew up a Cuban civilian airliner full of civilians in the 1970s, doing 
>working for the US government at Hangers 4 and 5 at Illopango Airbase?"
>In a just world, Oliver North would be doing prison time (or rather, 
>non-violent citizens doing time for drugs wouldn't be). It is disheartening 
>that he is able to get away with statements such as he made on Hannity and 
>Colmes and in his column when so many U.S. citizens have served and are now 
>serving time for using, buying and selling the very same drugs he insured 
>made it into the U.S. Whether or not Oliver North or anyone else in the 
>U.S. government ever sat down and plotted to sell drugs is almost 
>irrelevant in this case - the fact remains that there were U.S. officials, 
>agents, politicians and assets who all knew the trafficking was happening 
>but did nothing to stop it, or worse actively participated in the trade and 
>protected the traffickers from law enforcement. The CIA went so far as to 
>institute a Memorandum of Understanding in March 1982 with the U.S. 
>Department of Justice that explicitly allowed the CIA to NOT report drug 
>trafficking by CIA and other U.S. government assets and "non" agents. The 
>MOU exempted them from an Executive Order (E.O. 12333) signed by President 
>Reagan in 1981 requiring any U.S. officials to report drug trafficking by 
>U.S. employees. By changing the classification of thousands of agents to 
>non-agents, or asset status, the CIA and others, like North, were and are 
>able to claim it wasn't actually U.S. government employees who were 
>trafficking, but rather merely private entrepreneurs who took advantage of 
>their covert status to line their pockets while helping the Contras.
>The disturbing fact is that certain U.S. government, military and 
>intelligence factions have and will continue working with drug traffickers 
>around the globe, as is the situation today in Afghanistan. There U.S. 
>forces are on the ground working with Northern Alliance forces, which have 
>replanted poppies and are churning out record crop sizes since U.S. forces 
>went in to Afghanistan, completely reversing the Taliban's near complete 
>extermination of Afghanistan's poppies. U.S. Deputy Secretary of State 
>Richard Armitage recently told the September 11 Commission that prior to 
>September 11, the U.S. could not openly work with the Northern Alliance due 
>to pesky details such as their drug trafficking, but since September 11 the 
>U.S. government has been able to work around those details. This obviously 
>doesn't mean that the Northern Alliance has stopped growing poppies, just 
>that political considerations allow the U.S. to turn a blind eye once again 
>to massive drug trafficking by their allies. There's nothing inherently 
>wrong with poppies nor any other currently illegal drugs, but so long as 
>there is a U.S. taxpayer-funded War on Some Drugs and Users underway, U.S. 
>officials, including the FOX-employed Oliver North, should not be allowed 
>to profit in any way off the illegal drug trade, since the drug using 
>citizenry in the United States has to pay for those alliances with their 
>blood and their very lives.
>Peace and love,
>Preston Peet
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>bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had 
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