[Ibogaine] Comming to AMERICA

Jasen Chamoun jasenhappy at optusnet.com.au
Thu Jul 7 03:59:02 EDT 2005

Hey Mathew,

When I read your post I cracked up laughing. I did NOT get the impression
that you were putting shit on working girls, you were just pissed off and 
friends that you have made on the list,..people I also like.

What cracked me up was you, using the words you used. I am not used to you 
like that,..I'm laughing now,...your a character.  To me a working girl is 
not a whore,..
and I don't think you meant it like that. I say that confidently 
considering your posts
in the past.The word whore is something completely different to a working 

We are human after all,..and we all get pissed off,..just like fire got 
pissed off
and wrote the email that started this, Haa Haa,..I love it.

A whore is something completely different to a working girl.

I hope fire sticks around,..makes things interesting, and Preston,..don't 
you dare
stop posting.

                                                               Thanks for 
the laugh, love from Jasen.
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>A good friend is currently in the process of complete liver failure.
> All positive thoughts sent out would be greatly appreciated!!
> love
> tink
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