[Ibogaine] This list has become lame

Nick Sandberg nick227 at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Jul 6 06:43:13 EDT 2005

I find it a bit like Ebay. If I read 5 posts from someone and they're not so
exciting, I tend to just skim or delete anything else from them in the
future. My mind gives its own feedback rating. I figure a lot of others do
the same, there's probably whole layers of activity on the list, some
reading everything, others skimming, others only reading posts by those they
consider have something interesting to relate. If there was the time to
check it out, maybe it would turn out that the people who write the most
posts actually get read the least. Maybe.

Don't know how many people will read this!


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  I have to agree that the signal-to-noise ratio on this list has become
lower and lower since early May.  Have to shovel through a lot of stuff to
find the useful messages these days...
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    I've followed this list looking for some insight, and new details.

    99% of the responses and comments have been a waste of space.  Now all I
do is log on and delete, without reading 99% of the threads.

    The list is dominated by 3+  main annoying people (who I immediately
delete when I see any post from them) that only clutter up the rare
important comments or responses.

    Its no longer worth it.  If anyone (I value H.Lotsof and Schmooly's
etc... posts) has a sight that deals in details of Ibogaine/similar
treatment, I'd appreciate an email to my personal email, not to Mindvox, as
I am quitting this list.

    The post about using Ibogaine as a recreational drug and combining it
with other drugs shows the total ignorance of the people who responded
positivally.  The same retards have a balls to whine that we can't get
ibogaine here because its illegal.  It's illegal because of people like YOU
who will always abuse anything they can get their hands on.

    The common post'ers who act like Ibogaine is a "cutzie club" to be in,
need a wake up call.

    I've said my peace and have deleted my last waste of space post on
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