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I would think a steady supply of decent sized boosters handy for those once 
a month relapses would be a very good idea and something to look into- in my 
own layman's opinion. The one smal;l booster I had was very helpful for a 
short time, and now I wish I had more, and do wish that one had been 
slightly bigger. But I don't know how big would be the utmostly useful.
But useful they would be if you can get them, and as they aren't illegal 
where you are, order some today.

Peace and love,
Preston Peet

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mistaken for madness"
Richard Davenport-Hines

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> Thanks for the responses.. Does not seem to be a whole lot of info out 
> there.
> Randy, when you say "broken the addiction", do you mean the physical 
> addiction? Or the psychological aspects of it? I am asking the questions 
> in reference to Mandy, who is currently not physically addicted to opiates 
> or amphetamines. She broke the physical addiction with bupe, but has had 
> trouble with cravings and so far this year has lapsed about once a month. 
> As people have used small doses as boosters to fight the cravings after 
> their treatment I am asking in that kind of context - a person not 
> addicted, but still fighting cravings.
> Btw, Ibogaine is not illegal in Australia. It is illegal to import, but 
> apparently not illegal
> to possess or grow - yet. The general understanding is that it will become 
> illegal sooner or later.
> Atm voacanga seed powder is available. Any kind of Tabernanthe Iboga plant 
> part or extract is harder to come by.
> So we are wondering if the voacanga seed powder would help. I'll report on 
> that in a little while.
> It is Mandy that is doing the amino acid therapy atm (I think Kirsty 
> asked, I'll report more on that later too), has been for about a month. It 
> DOES seem to be helping in reducing the cravings.
> Going to observe it over a few more weeks.
> Regarding the Voacanga, here's some reports from an Australian forum:
> http://www.shaman-australis.com.au/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=2;t=002167#000000
> "Q: how many grams of powder would one considera trippy dose this would 
> all be done ina a state of dream of course
> A: it's not really trippy. more like a non-amphetamine like stimulant. 
> Half a teaspoon or more will keep you awake and maybe slightly altered for 
> quite a few hours. Dosage seems to vary widely with individuals."
> "bogaine is a stimulant in low doses and a hallucinogen in high doses. You 
> would not want to take high dose voacanga.
> I was talking about seed powder. root powder is better.
> keep in mind both are prohibited import in oz."
> "The tiny percentage of ibo in the seeds is not enough to keep them out of 
> the USA.
> 7 grams has been reported to be an adequate dose for voyaging, but just 
> chewing 4-6 seeds will put a smile in your heart and a smile on your face.
> It has been reported that the seeds are nicely smokable when crushed and 
> put into a pipe.
> The root bark acetone 12.5:1 produces a tryptaminic alert and smells of 
> scatol when pyrolized.
> An a/b of the root bark produced by a student showed promise, but not 
> enough was produced in the experimental first attempt to fully determine 
> strength or dosage as caution was used until a dose likely to be large 
> enough to have produced extreme effects (possibly 60-100mg at one dosing) 
> was no longer available."
> "Myself and my partner tried half a teaspoon of seed powder last night 
> before going to a late night out, and were blown away.
> We noticed effects very soon after drinking it in water. We were both 
> overwhelmed in the cab on the way out, as the guy was telling us a 
> long-winded story. It was very much like a rush on mdma, where you sre 
> confined in a space and you feel mildly sick, and crave fresh air..... I 
> am very sensitive to caffeine, and very rarely take speed etc but this 
> gave both of us a great rush for a couple of hours, and then residual 
> alertness with no jitters at all for another few hours.
> Does anyone else have any feedback on this?
> We had also had a beer, a small smoke & a tiny bit of the not hash.... "
> "took 1/2 teaspoon about two hours ago of voacana seed powder.
> got a slight rush and a little excitement an hour into it. now im starting 
> to feel sleepy.
> will up the doseage on the weekend and see how i go.
> --
> ok so its about 4 1/2 hours after taking a spoonful, and im pretty tired.
> it reminds me of a really small line of base speed. same kind of rush, and 
> same length of time in me. i.e. a few minutes rushing (not overpowering) 
> followed by a couple of hours thinking 'so, am i still up or what?'
> it made me want to smoke lots of ciggies too. now i have a headache."
> "I hate to digress, but back to Voacanga seeds:
> If the powdered seeds have been sitting around for a while they may have 
> lost some of their potency.
> All of the experiments I have conducted and those I am aware of from other 
> sources used whole seeds or tinctures made from whole seeds.
> Recently, I became aware of information suggesting that usage of the root 
> bark of V. africana is practiced in Africa and am investigating this 
> avenue via smokable extracts.
> I have a tincture in progress for oral bioassays.
> I drank 7 ml of Voacanga africana seed tincture yesterday just to check it 
> out again, and the rush was definitely much fuller than one would get from 
> speed and I felt mildly entheogenicized most of the day, in line with 
> other experiences when I couldn't relax and let go into the space provided 
> by the seeds.
> I can't say it wired me at all; nothing like that.
> It's more comparable to the rush when insufflating Sceletium, having an 
> empathogenic quality as well as a stimulatory one."
> ---- HSLotsof at aol.com wrote:
>> That anonymous fellow just keeps forwarding me new stories. Here is what 
>> he
>> wrote this time:
>> "Yesterday, after reading all information I could find on the use of V.
>> africana, I decided to try it for myself, having recently come into 
>> possession of a
>> small amount.
>> About 80 seeds were ground and capsulated, resulting in 7 pills. No smell 
>> was
>> noticed. I read that the Ibogoid-type alkaloids present in the seeds can 
>> act
>> as CNS depressants so I avoided any GHB (better safe than sorry).
>> More on voacanga.
>> http://leda.lycaeum.org/?ID=6064
>> At about 4:00 I took the pills. No effect was noticed until about 2 hours
>> later, which was manifested as a quite subtle stimulated, euphoric 
>> feeling. The
>> feeling was quite mild and about 3 hours after that, I felt unusually 
>> tired and
>> took a 2-hour nap. (I had a rather unpleasant dream, I should add, 
>> although I
>> don't know if this is attributable to the V. africana or not). No nausea 
>> was
>> experienced from ingestion of the material.
>> I woke up feeling pretty much "normal". This experiment did little to 
>> peak my
>> interest in this plant, I don't think I'll be going out of my way to try 
>> it
>> again any time soon. Not very interesting."
>>  Brain Res Bull. 1997;44(5):603-10.
>> Ibogaine and a total alkaloidal extract of Voacanga africana modulate
>> neuronal excitability and synaptic transmission in the rat parabrachial 
>> nucleus in
>> vitro.
>> Kombian SB, Saleh TM, Fiagbe NI, Chen X, Akabutu JJ, Buolamwini JK, 
>> Pittman QJ
>> .
>> NRG, University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine, Canada.
>> kombian at acs.ucalgary.ca
>> Ibogaine is a natural alkaloid of Voacanga africana that is effective in 
>> the
>> treatment of withdrawal symptoms and craving in drug addicts. As the 
>> synaptic
>> and cellular basis of ibogaine's actions are not well understood, this 
>> study
>> tested the hypothesis that ibogaine and Voacanga africana extract 
>> modulate
>> neuronal excitability and synaptic transmission in the parabrachial 
>> nucleus using
>> the nystatin perforated patch-recording technique. Ibogaine and Voacanga
>> africana extract dose dependently, reversibly, and consistently attenuate 
>> evoked
>> excitatory synaptic currents recorded in parabrachial neurons. The ED50 
>> of
>> ibogaine's effect is 5 microM, while that of Voacanga africana extract is 
>> 170
>> micrograms/ml. At higher concentrations, ibogaine and Voacanga africana 
>> extract
>> induce inward currents or depolarization that are accompanied by 
>> increases in
>> evoked and spontaneous firing rate. The depolarization or inward current 
>> is also
>> accompanied by an increase in input resistance and reverses polarity 
>> around 0
>> mV. The depolarization and synaptic depression were blocked by the 
>> dopamine
>> receptor antagonist haloperidol. These results indicate that ibogaine and
>> Voacanga africana extract 1) depolarize parabrachial neurons with 
>> increased
>> excitability and firing rate; 2) depress non-NMDA receptor-mediated fast 
>> synaptic
>> transmission; 3) involve dopamine receptor activation in their actions. 
>> These
>> results further reveal that the Voacanga africana extract has 
>> one-hundredth the
>> activity of ibogaine in depressing synaptic responses. Thus, ibogaine and
>> Voacanga africana extract may produce their central effects by altering 
>> dopaminergic
>> and glutamatergic processes.
>> In a message dated 7/4/05 8:09:11 PM, slowone at hush.ai writes:
>> << Here's a voacanga report from 2000:
>>   http://www.erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=2178
>> On Fri, 01 Jul 2005 02:12:45 -0700 BiscuitBoy714 at aol.com wrote:
>> >Boris, I don't think you can get anywhere with a small dose until
>> >you have
>> >broken the addiction. In order to do a "booster" you have to first
>> >have the big
>> >one. As for the Vocanga everything I have read about it says in
>> >conclusion
>> >that it looks like it would take an awful lot of it to get the
>> >Ibogaine effect.
>> >As far as I know there is no research into how much it would take.
>> >No set dose.
>> >It should be looked into. Knowing the freaks who hang out here,
>> >someone
>> >probably has this information. I even saw the process of extract
>> >of Vocanga on the
>> >net somewhere. Still no idea of how much of it to take. I don't
>> >think it is a
>> >viable alternative to Iboga. Still, we can hope.
>> >Randy >>
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