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Sun Jul 3 20:43:08 EDT 2005

thank you for finding this i had asked a while back and we did find another that has been helpful if you could let me know what others could aid ,  but that is the one you listed that really helps potassium and magnesesium also help to stop cramps etc . and help calm thanx again    rocky

Capt Kirk <captkirk at free.net.nz> wrote:
Was just reading this in my Nutritional Almanac

thought others might find it of interest as well:-


Heroin increases body acid and causes the depletion of potassium and calcium, there fore, sodium bicarbonate is used to neutralize the acid. Liposomes are made up of phospholipids and are little sacs that carry substances inside them to where they are needed.  Administered by injection, they may be used int eh treatment of drug addiction.  An active lipid substance called AL 721 that has been discovered by Isaraeli scientists, lessend of completely eliminated the withdrawal symptoms of mice that were addicted to morphine (those damn junky mice

sigh) Opiate withdrawal is aided by an amino acid called L-aspartic acid.


Goes on to mention other amino acids in the use of w/d. Wasn’t there someone on here who was using amino acid therapy?  

Anyway, probly old info
.but maybe useful to someone?



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