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Awww wow,. What awesome words Randy, I'm really touched!! (Apart from in the
head dept..) And I know ya would too.

What I really wanna do is.. Save heaps of money (save, win, rob, ok no
robbing/stealing lol not in the spirit of the Igoba Dogs.)  and then take
all who need over to Africa.. Proper initiation!! Yehhhhh!!!

Regardless of whatever happens whenever (and I know it is..I've been
following Ibogaine since 1998 and I come back to it as . IT..) I am still
coming over there and where ever else to meet everyone in the flesh.  Once
my darling daught is out about and doing her thang (like my southern twang
there?? Heh) I will be travelling, maybe as a Wwoofer!! (willing workers on
organic farms.) part of the time, the rest.. Ok whoooooo is gonna have this
insane kiwi woman inside their home???? Nobody??? Ok, fair enuff, I
completely understand, and love you all anyway!!!~

Cheers again Randy, has been "one of them days" but feeling loads better
now!! Merci bow-coops!!

Love to you all...in all my years on the 'net, this has to be the most all
rounded, craziest, most beautiful and diverse buncha mad people I ever met..
and that from me is the highest form of flattery :o)   

Here's to merging those left and right brain sides into ONE!!! Dats dah
trick ewes guyz ;o)

I'm wondering how seriously open and massively spinning the chakra system
etc is after Ibogaine? Could explain a helluva lot.

But that's anuvva email





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Kirsty, I would love to hear your tales after Ibo. You have such a cool and
twisted outlook that I think Ibogaine just might open your head up in a way
that would be interesting to say the least. If I had the money I would send
you to Sara just to see what you had to say when you got back. We joke and
we laugh but no doubt about it being addicted sucks. It warms my atrophied
heart to read your posts.    Much love to you and yours        Randy

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