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Hey Donna,

Your friend has to go,..she is no friend if she is stopping you from doing what you choose.
Hey,..I'll be your mate.   ( mate in Australia means friend)

I did the treatment from 60mg of methadone,...even though life really does rock,and
all is good,..in hindsight, I would have come off a shorter working opiate.

Are you on the Methadone? If you are I would go onto something else,..Personally
speaking, before the Ibo'. You will recover a lot quicker.

If you are using heroin and not on the methadone then I would skip straight to the Ibo'.
Donna I will help on or off list whenever you need to ask something and if I can answer
your question I will.

Stairway to heaven just came on and I got goose bumps.

I felt your desperation in your last email and I know,..it is f*cked,..your almost there
,..keep pushing on. "I will persist until I succeed"(Dale Carnegie)

Before my treatment, I was at my wit's end, I was beginning to lose all interest in
everything, I felt hopeless,..an emotional mess, I just wanted to go back home,..
be rid of all the anguish,..the pain,..judgement,...it was to much for a person
to bear,..even to much for a bear to bear,..utter hoplessnes.

Then I found this great list,..Sara and Ibo'.    WOW!

Hey,..let me tell you life is now wondrous,..most of the pain is gone no more
heavy burdens stuck to me like super glue.When I say "wondrous" life still
has it's ups and downs of course,..things happen that I do not like, and things
I do like. life still has it's challenges that's for sure.

Life is wondrous because I am freeeeeeee,..I am lighter,..more confidence, my
shackles are gone, this is why it is wondrous.

I just blew some wind into your sails,..the ship is on course,..your crew is hungry
you will eat soon and leave your unwanted goods at the dock before sailing away again
free, light, full and happy.

What country are you in again,..Australia?

                                                           with love,
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  Hi Nick

  Me again I just wanted to say sorry again, I could really do with some advice from you or any one else on the list, I have a choice self administer ibogaine which someone who is really experienced has told me its not out of the question and really comes down to the individual ,(would you agree with that?) or do the subutex and then the ibogaine which another person who is really experienced in ibo treatment has said this is probably the best solution to my problem.  I really dont know what to do, Nick I feel awful and I can not appologise enough this so called mate of mine does not want me to get clean because she does not want to, and after this I am really wondering why I am mates at all.
  love donna
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