[Ibogaine] Vision problems/solutions post-Ibo

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Mon Jan 31 13:30:05 EST 2005

Hi Martee,

What form of iboga/ibogaine did you and your brother use?  Possibly your 
vision, like other aspects of your physiology had just deteriorated.  Possibly, 
opiates constricting your pupils allowed greater depth of field and once that 
effect of the opioids was gone well, glasses were next.  I know of one person 
who wore glasses since a youth and was able to give them up for twenty years 
post ibogaine.  But, then that doesn't make sense with your brother since his 
vision returned to "normal" some weeks later.  I hadn't heard of such an effect 
previously from ibogaine as deteriorated vision.

As for bones you might want to have a bone densitometry test to see what 
state they are in.


In a message dated 1/31/05 12:14:55 PM, mafinman at optonline.net writes:

<< Julie and all,

      The vision thing is a big issue with me.  Unlike yourself I didn't 

require reading glasses until 10 years ago,( by then many years into using) 

however after the ibo I noticed my reading vision has deteriorated. The 

other day I had to ask my young nephew to read my fortune from the fortune 

cookie. To me it looked like a solid line.  He swore to me it said "today is 

a good day to buy a present for someone you love !'  Anyway, this vision 

thing is one of the main reasons I am hesitant to try another session. Parts 

of me desperately would like to do it again and then the other part wants to 

watch and see the natural progression of coming off and out from under the 

effects of having taking ibogaine/being on methedone and heroin for over 20 

years.  My brother-in-law had fuzzy vision for a good 2-3 weeks after his 


          The sleeping thing:  I'm coming up on six months out and for me 

about 6 weeks ago when I got my treadmill and starting using it really 

regularly is when I started to sleep through the night.  About 10 days ago I 

wacked out my left knee on the treadmill from either too much incline work 

or enthusiasm.  The mind was willing. I have to learn that moderation thing 

people keep telling me about. Since I have been laying off the treadmill I 

have been waking up after 5- hours sleep, awake for 1-2 hours and then 

resuming for another 2 hours.

        Another thing for me to consider, since my right elbow seems to be 

creaking a bit as well is this me just now noticing damage and aches and 

pains from all those years of methedone (which as Preston pointed out was an 

amazing pain killer). You know how all the oldtimers on the programs are 

walking with canes. While I did a lot of damage control at times, with my 

diet, I feel a lot of those brittle bones form methedone can be  partly from 


          The thing you also mentioned about dreams and memories,  I'm also 

feeling like I am clearing a lot of old memories and  past life stuff that's 

been a thorn in my side thanks to the iboga.

        I'd like to wait a while to see if there really is a such thing as 


       So I'm just real curious what's coming next as far as the progression 

goes without complicating it with coming off of another session. 

Although.... >>

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