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Not to offend but I read many of your posts where my understanding and experience is contrary to yours. It reminds me of being a patient, the good "DOCTOR" says whatever he says of how a certain medication./procedure is going to do or what "our" goals are, or the infamous "this won't hurt" and time after time it is like they read it in a book somewhere. I have tried Zoloft and very many other drugs, there is enormous variouation in effects and side effects in patient to patient. They told me I would be a "new man" on zoloft, in 8 days I was a new woman and starting to feel very uncomfortable from the medication. I normally get paradoxical reactions, dope makes me WIRED, time after time I tell doctors about my side effects, time after time I get ignored, time after time they do medicine "by the numbers" - xome dose of some drug, time after time they are wrong and I am right, time after time I suffer and they get a pay check. Time after time I se
THere is this comment;
"Please please do this..". All Ibo takers should be of meth for 72 hours prior to Ibo. Switch to short acting opiates. Morphine, hydro or oxy , all work well. Dilaudid works well"
For many addicts it switching to short acting opiates is a real BAD IDEA... everything needs to be in its context (the patient, the resources at hand), everything is not THIS WAY OR THAT. I also know many people who have been treated quite safely and successfully taking ibo long before 72 hours post meth, also small doses of ibo can be used ahead of the main dose to quite safely keep the patient more comfortable.
Or this
"Ibogaine does NOT reduce or relieve nicotine cravings but may reduce nicotine withdrawal physical symptoms. "
Sorry it didn't work FOR YOU that way (you did try it, you do know how it feels to quit smoking using ibogaine, RIGHT?). Ibogaine ABSOLUTELY, works for reducing cravings, that is why people spontainously don't smoke for a period of time (sometimes, not all the time), post ibogaine. Mileage on everyting varies. Lets see, in my case the first 8 or so times I dosed IBO I smoked right through a few times, stopped for period lasting from days to weels - TILL THE CRAVINGS CAME BACK, the last time I smoked through ibo session (left it alone) and a week later stopped, never looked back and only had moments of cravings. Oddly some weeks later (as the NOR-IBO levels went down ?) it got a little harder (more cravings) then eased back down.
Or my very favorite (in the same email)
"Post IBO pot initially appears to calm anxiety but it's sum total is actually to increase anxiety and only reinforces the mind set which we wish to break which is SYMPTOM= SUBSTANCE."
Some people do well with pot, some people don't do well with pot, everybody is different. 
It is a perfectly natural thing for someone to take a substance if they have a symptom, the problems come in with intent, if the "symptom" is you want to get high, well then yeah, that is the one we have to break, if it is because you have say a pain, or nervous condtion, or maybe it is the 3rd day post ibo and you haven't slept then a substance may be indicated. I am not talking about every little ache or anxiety, WHEN IT WILL HELP - in the big picture as well as short term relief in a manner inconsistant with addiction and consistant.
I drink camomile tea to help sleep.I have valium and ristoril, rarely-occasionally use them in small doses (1.25mg valium mostly, sometimes 2.5mg - or 1/2 a valium, 15mg or ristori)..
I have pain and deep breath, do Yoga, go to the chiropractor - sometimes those things can actually hurt more than help, sometimes the answer isn't taking toxic amounts of ineffective NSAIDS and tylenol... and I take whatever, these days it is Dilaudid (break 2mg in 1/2 and take 1mg at a time - max about 5 mg), just discontinued oxycontin 2 weeks ago (just stopped, no ibo, no weaning), Actiq which is fentanyl citrate lolly-pops when it gets bad but fentanyl does bad things to my head, some SOMA (again 1/4th at a time).   Absolutely nothing wrong with taking those meds in the way I do, typically very measured and methodical. 2 years ago when I landed at a pain management doc I had to ask myself "HOW?", the answer I got was "WHEN IT WILL HELP".
So, if it helps one should take it, if it won't help, then one should not take it - whichever way the scales tip is what is indicated, depending on that particular patient/person.  When it will help then someone could possible use marijuana or maybe prescription drug, or whatever then it should be applied.I have good "doctors" keep trying to apply poisonous substances to me regardless of what I tell them (if they dont' listen they have zero probability of helping and nearly 100% chance of hurting me - but that is typically what happens, especially with pain patients and addiction medicine. I have doctors that want to keep giving me drugs doing more harm, that have failed in the past, that seems to make no difference to them. that I don't use "addictive" drugs seems to take priority over everything, real or imagined...

Schmoolyboy at aol.com wrote:
By the wat Zoloft must be taken for 4 weeks continuously to have any anti-anxiety effect. and a mild one at that. It does little for benzo withdrawal. Zyprexa and Seroquel work much better. 
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