[Ibogaine] Buprenorphine (Tks Patrick)

Carla Barnes carlambarnes at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 31 10:07:06 EST 2005

Hi Beatriz, in the articles about your son? The web
page won't load it unless you subscribe to that
newspaper, can you reprint what it says?

Happy your son is doing good :-)

Carla B

--- Beatriz Brasil <beatrizbrasil at netvigator.com>

> Dear Patrick, Dear List members
> I am enclosing herewith two links to articles on
> bupre published today at
> the local paper. One of them is an interview with my
> son and his experience
> with buprenorphine maintenance.
> Thank you so much Patrick. What you once wrote about
> how you felt towards
> the buprenorphine maintenance led me to further
> consider it as an
> alternative for my son.
> Thank you list for having me here.
> I will let you know when we get to Ibogaine. And
> yes, I am a mom, too.
> Beatriz
> http://hongkong.scmp.com/hknews/ZZZEPF9HJ3E.html
>  http://hongkong.scmp.com/hknews/ZZZM1YAHJ3E.html

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