[Ibogaine] AA and Gurus

BiscuitBoy714 at aol.com BiscuitBoy714 at aol.com
Mon Jan 31 06:32:26 EST 2005

Francis, my last post to you was tongue in cheek but I meant what I said. I'm 
with you on the subject of AA and Guru's. Bill W. and DR. Bob's book and 
organazation saved me in a big way. So did Howard and the information he kept 
insisting on putting out to the masses. I am eternaly grateful for all of the 
people who have helped me on my way. My sponsor in Erie is a great man but when I 
told him about Ibogaine he rolled his eye's and started talking about mind 
altering substance's and all anyone needs is meetings. Bullshit, you have to 
treat the addiction first and I told him that. We plesantly disagreed. I go to 
meetings to get what I need from them, not what someone tells me that I need. 
Ibogaine has made me way more intuitive. I still have a sponsor who loves me, and 
I love him, we just disagree on some things. He just wants me to do well. I'm 
trying to give back what was so freely given to me in my own way.            

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