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Hey Randy,

I'm totaly agreed what you are saying but sometimes I feel like I'm late for
life. I missed so many things. For example I missed all childhood of my
doughter. What do you say about this?

Best Regards

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> Man I have missed some good shit here lately. I wish I had seen Francis's
> list of "How to win friends and influence Junkies" and could have been
> with my reply. Here's one for the taboo list, don't be a dick and insist
> way is the only way to be happy. And here's one for the hip list,  Being
> ie. I wish I had done this before and it makes me love everybody more,
> or not. I've fucked up my life so much in the past I couldn't begin to
> someone the RIGHT way to live. I can relate my experience's and hope it
> someone but I could never insist that I have it right and someone else is
> I'm not addicted anymore although I will forever be an ex-junkie. Most of
> people on this list forgive me for that, being clean or being a junkie I
> respect most of the time. I aim to HELP when I can, be it supportive or
> out information, I aim to help. I just want everyone to be happy. Getting
> clean made me happy. Part of it sucks no doubt but not as bad as running
out of
> dope and having no money to get well. That's my decission. I try and be
> with eveyone I come in contact with because the alternitive is
unacceptable. I
> hate assholes and I try and avoid being one. I can be extremely assholish
if I
> want to, and am, when pushed into it. Trust me. I don't want to be
> confrontive, there is enough of that here as it is. I'm a tree huggin',
gun totin', music
> playin', (by the way, Vivaldi rocks, so do all the Wynin's, hehe} natural
> herb ingesting mother fucker. I just don't think I'm a fucking genuis and
that my
> way is the only way.Being clean works for me and I will gladly help anyone
> know with the information that I have. I'll help people I don't freakin'
> for that matter but I aint out to force my will on someone else or to take
> their inventory for them. That's just too fucking personal and
disrespectful for
> my way. So in closing just let me add one more thing to the hip list.
> ie. the one you can give me if you can't dig what I am saying. How's that
> being confrontive, or is that abusive? I'm just not good at this shit.
>  Randy
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