[Ibogaine] Francis

BiscuitBoy714 at aol.com BiscuitBoy714 at aol.com
Mon Jan 31 03:58:19 EST 2005

Man I have missed some good shit here lately. I wish I had seen Francis's 
list of "How to win friends and influence Junkies" and could have been current 
with my reply. Here's one for the taboo list, don't be a dick and insist your 
way is the only way to be happy. And here's one for the hip list,  Being clean, 
ie. I wish I had done this before and it makes me love everybody more, clean 
or not. I've fucked up my life so much in the past I couldn't begin to tell 
someone the RIGHT way to live. I can relate my experience's and hope it helps 
someone but I could never insist that I have it right and someone else is wrong. 
I'm not addicted anymore although I will forever be an ex-junkie. Most of the 
people on this list forgive me for that, being clean or being a junkie I get 
respect most of the time. I aim to HELP when I can, be it supportive or putting 
out information, I aim to help. I just want everyone to be happy. Getting 
clean made me happy. Part of it sucks no doubt but not as bad as running out of 
dope and having no money to get well. That's my decission. I try and be cool 
with eveyone I come in contact with because the alternitive is unacceptable. I 
hate assholes and I try and avoid being one. I can be extremely assholish if I 
want to, and am, when pushed into it. Trust me. I don't want to be 
confrontive, there is enough of that here as it is. I'm a tree huggin', gun totin', music 
playin', (by the way, Vivaldi rocks, so do all the Wynin's, hehe} natural 
herb ingesting mother fucker. I just don't think I'm a fucking genuis and that my 
way is the only way.Being clean works for me and I will gladly help anyone I 
know with the information that I have. I'll help people I don't freakin' know 
for that matter but I aint out to force my will on someone else or to take 
their inventory for them. That's just too fucking personal and disrespectful for 
my way. So in closing just let me add one more thing to the hip list. BLOWJOBS 
ie. the one you can give me if you can't dig what I am saying. How's that for 
being confrontive, or is that abusive? I'm just not good at this shit.        

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