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5 HTP should only be taken for 4 -5 days on then 2-3 days off. It's meabolism 
is speeded up every day you take it. So the conversion of 5 HTP to HT to 
seretonin is faster every day you take it. After 4 days usage at dosages of 100mgs 
nightly, it turns to seretonin so fast that it can not get through the blood 
brain barrier and then you have all this seretonin in the peripheral vascular 
system which can increase anxiety.

The seretonin only works if it gets to the brain . Stopping for as little as 
2 days allows the liver to normalize again.

Doubt this... well look it up. You will see I am right.

Ht was legal in the early 80's People started to get a muscle problem call 
Eosiniphilia Myalgia Syndrome. The Gov. thought it was due to HT and made HT 
available by RX only. Later, the CDC found out it was not the HT causing the 
problem but one particular Chinese manufacture of HT that made it in lead pots and 
thus the heavy metals where causing the muscle problem and not the HT. Yet, 
they left it by RX only and 5 HT available over the counter despite it's 
problems with hepatic enhanced metabolism.

No companies make HT but a Doc can prescribe it and a compounding pharmacist 
can make it for you. A months supply costs about $25. Hope this helps
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