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Hey Donna,

It's totally ok. The idea of not taking drugs can be very scarey for some
people and your friend is bound to feel threatened if you are talking about
getting off. It's natural. About not being friends with her, I figure in
this kind of situation best thing is to get really clear about what YOU need
personally and make sure you're not too worried about where she is. You come

Personally, I would say that it's ok to self-administer ibogaine if you
really can't get anyone experienced to do a session with you. You do need to
have blood and heart tests done first to make sure your body is strong
enough. This is very important. If they are ok then you can try to just
detox with ibogaine straight from being on heroin. You have to leave 12
hours or so from your last dose, longer if you're using methadone. It's also
very important that you have someone with you, someone who cares about you,
who knows how to get help if there's an emergency, and who is prepared to
stay with you in the room throughout the whole treatment which may be up to
2 days, sometimes even more. A test dose is also a good idea. There are a
load of protocols - descriptions of how to do it - on my site at
www.ibogaine.co.uk/treatment.htm under "Ibogaine Treatment Protocols." There
are about 6 of them so you can take your pick. Some are written a little
more for people with medical experience. There's one I wrote there which I
tried to make simple and clear so you can check that out if you like.

It's also a good idea, imo, to try and get yourself into rehab asap after
coming down off ibogaine. If you can book a place before this is best.
However, this is my just opinion and for a lot of other people that run
sessions it's not their way. So that bit's really up to you.

OK, that's what I can tell you for now. Let me know if you need more.

Lots of love

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  Hi Nick

  Me again I just wanted to say sorry again, I could really do with some
advice from you or any one else on the list, I have a choice self administer
ibogaine which someone who is really experienced has told me its not out of
the question and really comes down to the individual ,(would you agree with
that?) or do the subutex and then the ibogaine which another person who is
really experienced in ibo treatment has said this is probably the best
solution to my problem.  I really dont know what to do, Nick I feel awful
and I can not appologise enough this so called mate of mine does not want me
to get clean because she does not want to, and after this I am really
wondering why I am mates at all.
  love donna
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