ekki ekkijdfg at gmx.de
Sun Jan 30 14:57:38 EST 2005

hello donna
i think self-administration is better than subutex.
why wait any longer?
you still can subutex if it doesn´t work.
also give some ibo to your so-called mate.
thats just my humble opinion, i´m no expert
love ekki

Am 30.01.2005 um 20:40 schrieb AbbotAngel at aol.com:

> Hi Nick
> Me again I just wanted to say sorry again, I could really do with some 
> advice from you or any one else on the list, I have a choice self 
> administer ibogaine which someone who is really experienced has told 
> me its not out of the question and really comes down to the individual 
> ,(would you agree with that?) or do the subutex and then the ibogaine 
> which another person who is really experienced in ibo treatment has 
> said this is probably the best solution to my problem.  I really dont 
> know what to do, Nick I feel awful and I can not appologise enough 
> this so called mate of mine does not want me to get clean because she 
> does not want to, and after this I am really wondering why I am mates 
> at all.
> love donna
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