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Sun Jan 30 14:40:30 EST 2005

Hi Nick
Me again I just wanted to say sorry again, I could really do with some  
advice from you or any one else on the list, I have a choice self administer  
ibogaine which someone who is really experienced has told me its not out of the  
question and really comes down to the individual ,(would you agree with that?)  
or do the subutex and then the ibogaine which another person who is really  
experienced in ibo treatment has said this is probably the best solution to my  
problem.  I really dont know what to do, Nick I feel awful and I can not  
appologise enough this so called mate of mine does not want me to get clean  
because she does not want to, and after this I am really wondering why I am  mates 
at all.
love donna
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