[Ibogaine] after ibo treatment

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>Hi everyone! I took my last buprenex dose this am.Dont know how bad 
>will get ,but I know Im in the right place for support as needed.They tell
>me bup w/d is very long but milder ,any ibonauts hve experience in this
>arena.Im considering ibogaine if this gets too tough,probably sara's. Not
>really wanting to go to mexico again ,love those folks but dont really
>want the clinical setting deal, no angels around that I know of, I would
>never do it alone even tho Ive done it 3 times.All this tuff love stuff
>has me wondering how many times do I choose to go thru this, feeling like
>the detox queen here,what would my life be like if I wasnt doing this once
>or twice  a year?Love yall, ill keep you posted -shell


If you are treating withdrawal and not addiction much lower doses of ibogaine 
can be used.  Buprenorphine binds to receptors for quite a long time.  Some 
of its metabolites may hang out for weeks.  Even 150 mg HCl may have a 
significant effect on moderating dependence as well as producing psychotherapeutic 
benefits in some subjects.  I would wait until you are experiencing withdrawal as 
a matter of safety until more is known about burpenorphine and ibogaine 
interaction.  You might even start with 50mg HCl just to test the waters.  Was your 
last dose of burprenex 1mg and just to make sure you are not taking the 
naloxone mix are you?  I think going to Sara's is a good idea even if it is not 
tough going.  It is like something to do. And with Sara there is so much more 
than ibogaine/iboga.


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