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Sun Jan 30 13:42:20 EST 2005

In a message dated 1/30/05 12:46:58 PM, ekkijdfg at gmx.de writes:

>she thinks the ibo was very good for her and wants to do it again, when
>better prepared and more ready to stop drugs and in a more supportive 
>still i wounder if she has to have some bad cold turkey before she is 
>really willing to stop? i mean i hope not but i know withdrawals gave 
>me a lesson i needed.

Dear Ekki,

In difference to many others I am uncertain one has to be consciously 
prepared to do anything including stopping drugs after ibogaine.  The discovery of 
ibogaine's antiaddictive effects was not made by uses intent on stopping but, 
only on discovering and experiencing a new drug.  I don't think one has to 
suffer to recognize the benefits that ibogaine shows though if you have gone 
through withdrawal and then do ibogaine that sure does appear as a miracle.  The 
historic use of ibogaine has shown that multiple treatments are more effective 
than single treatments.  If you do manage some HCl I would be interested in your 
evaluation of that and if you are in Germany, well Sara is only a hop skip 
and jump away in Holland.  But, the ibogaine experience that started this all 
was self administered so what can I say. Good luck to your lady and you.  Also 
don't forget low dose therapy may be of use 100mg - 300 mg HCl or equivalent of 
extract but, do be careful of concurrent other drug use as ibogaine most 
likely potentiates both stimulants and opioids.  Most experienced drug users can 
figure this out.  Past experience has shown 1/4 dose of opiates in low dose 
ibogaine therapy where opiates are to be continued will suffice and the longer 
afterwards the better.  Preston, what do you think of this and any others who 
have experience.


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