[Ibogaine] after ibo treatment

ekki ekkijdfg at gmx.de
Sun Jan 30 12:46:10 EST 2005

> Hi Ekki,
hello howard

> I agree with Jason that the paradigm shift from IV to Nose is a big
we just phoned. she shot up 0,1g today which is very little and all she 
bought for today. she is certainly aware she needs less. the shift from 
iv to nose didnt last long, unfortunately.

> one.  How does she view that? I am also curious as to what thoughts 
> about
> ibogaine she may have had?
i did send her some links last year. she was interested because i told 
her that it did me very good. she expected some visions like she read 
about in the net.
>   What changes do you see in her if any?
being a psychotic borderliner she is always comletely unpredicable. the 
day after she was in very good mood, we went ice-scating and generally 
had a lot of fun. i was really wondering since i had to stay in bed for 
3 days after my self-treatment.

>  What is her
> take on it all?
she claims to be clearer in her head than she has been for years. we 
had resonable conversations afterwards which was rarely possible 
lately. she was oftentimes threating suicide recently, but since the 
ibo she is talking more about future plans. btw she allowed me to 
discuss her ibo-experience on this list.

> To me it seems like a positive experience in that there are
> benefits to her.  Reduction of opiates, stopping iv injection and 
> cutting coke.
> How does she interpret these things?

she thinks the ibo was very good for her and wants to do it again, when 
better prepared and more ready to stop drugs and in a more supportive 

still i wounder if she has to have some bad cold turkey before she is 
really willing to stop? i mean i hope not but i know withdrawals gave 
me a lesson i needed.

> Thanks
> Howard

peace ekki

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