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Thanks Julie :-)
Since I subscribe to the theory that most addicted persons are trying
to feel better - nothing new in that, right?  So I ask, "better than what?"
and, if a person feels bad in some way and has felt that way all of his
life, how in the hell is that person supposed to figure that out this isn't
necessarily the most optimal state of life?  So, society points fingers
and applies labels (not necessarily good ones, either) to these persons
who are merely attempting to survive and feel better in some way. ??

Who cares enough to look beyond the behavior at the cause?

think at francomm.com

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> Hi Ann,
> You wrote:
>> **I wonder too?  I also wonder if there is a
>> coorelation to "hyperactivity"
>> in
>> childhood?
> Just wanted to let you know, that I WAS a hyperactive
> child.  I had to be taken off sugar and red
> food-colouring until about 9/10 years old.
> I find your hypothesis very thought-provoking, and
> would be interested in hearing how many of us were
> hyperactive as children.  Maybe this is why we were
> drawn to the opiate class of drugs...??
> Julie
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