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shelley krupa skrupa20022002 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 30 12:21:19 EST 2005

Hi Julie ,I like acupuncturte.com & especially yinyanghouse.com. Acupuncture has been a godsend to me & I loved it so much that i graduated from a school here in October!And guess what led me to the school-you got it iboga herself! By the way ,all the acupuncturist I know use the disposable sterile needles, finally found a way for this old nedle junkie to spread healinmg rather than dis-ease-shell
Ms Iboga <ms_iboga at yahoo.com> wrote:Hi Shelley,

I am very interested in acupuncture...unfortunately,
some asshole practitioner used dirty needles here in
Toronto, and ended up giving a bunch of people some
crazy skin disease. Ever since that went down, I have
been very cautious.

Can you point me to a good informational website about

Thanks a bunch,


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