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Sun Jan 30 11:04:19 EST 2005

Hi everyone! I took my last buprenex dose this am.Dont know how bad withdrawal will get ,but I know Im in the right place for support as needed.They tell me bup w/d is very long but milder ,any ibonauts hve experience in this arena.Im considering ibogaine if this gets too tough,probably sara's. Not really wanting to go to mexico again ,love those folks but dont really want the clinical setting deal, no angels around that I know of, I would never do it alone even tho Ive done it 3 times.All this tuff love stuff has me wondering how many times do I choose to go thru this, feeling like the detox queen here,what would my life be like if I wasnt doing this once or twice  a year?Love yall, ill keep you posted -shell

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>i treated my friend on thursday. i found out she didn´t really want to
>stop using. maybe she needs more suffering ( i hope not). she didn´t 
>have any visions although i gave her quite a lot of extract (the same i
>took), but very carefully building up and constantly checking her 
>physical state. she complained about a humming sound and white flashes
>of light before her eyes. btw she also never could get any fun out of 
>still she was impressed that she didn´t feel like smoking cigarettes 
>and her heroin consumption now is down from 1(i.v.) to 0,4 (nose) 
>gr/day and she didn´t touch c since then. she didn´t actually have any
>withdrawal symptoms the next day, but still she wanted to cop.well its
>only 3 days now, to early to judge the outcome.

>what i really didn´t consider was that she didn´t have a day without 
>dope since 3 years, even in hospital she secretly took some and was 
>kicked out anyway after 3 days. so she doesn´t know whats like to quit

>without ibo which maybe diminshes her admiration for it. still i´m 
>happy we tried and i think it did do some good, but she wasn´t ready 
>for it yet. maybe i was to eager to give it to her after my own great 
>experience with it, but she claimed she really wanted to try it.
>also she knows now there is an exit in case she wants to get out some 

Hi Ekki,

I agree with Jason that the paradigm shift from IV to Nose is a big

one. How does she view that? I am also curious as to what thoughts about 
ibogaine she may have had? What changes do you see in her if any? What is her 
take on it all? To me it seems like a positive experience in that there are 
benefits to her. Reduction of opiates, stopping iv injection and cutting coke. 
How does she interpret these things?



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