Vision problems/solutions post-Ibo

Ms Iboga ms_iboga at
Sun Jan 30 10:07:57 EST 2005


Just wanted to chime in with my experience.  When I
first went on methadone, I had vision problems, and
had to get a prescription for spectacles, which I
would use for reading mostly.

After my Ibo detox, when I could actually see straight
again, I noticed I no longer needed to use the
glasses, as I could read books/papers/mags with my own
two eyes.   

This leads me to believe that methadone might affect
your vision, and this is probably because it
constricts your pupils, thus limiting the amount of
light that hits your retinas.  It's so great to have
my glasses tucked away at the bottom of my sock

Anyone else experience something similar?


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