[Ibogaine] Francis and Nick

ekki ekkijdfg at gmx.de
Sun Jan 30 09:39:35 EST 2005


>> 2) what is wrong with being desenfranchised from society? think about
>> jesus. i surely don´t want to be part of mainstream society in its
>> present state.

> Jesus wasn't "emotionally disenfranchised." That is what I wrote, not 
> just
> disenfranchised.
> One of things you can get from time in a therapeutic community is that 
> you
> can learn the value of being straight with people, man. You don't have 
> to
> MANIPULATE what others are saying in order to put a counterposing point
> across, which is, frankly, pretty much all I see happening here on this
> list with this thread. Not just you by any means. And for sure I've 
> done
> plenty of it in the past. You can just be straight and state your 
> opinion.
> You have the right. If you don't agree then say you don't agree. It's 
> fine.
> I state an opinion and nobody on this list opposes it directly. All 
> they
> do is twist it around into different interpretations and present 
> counter-ideas
> to their own interpretations - reacting with the same learned defensive
> responses they've no doubt been carrying around their whole lives. Shit
> man, that is pure 100% junkie behaviour - low self esteem covered over 
> with
> layers of bullshit and defence. You think ibogaine is going to stop 
> that?
> All ibogaine can do is throw it in your face and hope you don't avoid.
> You have a right to your opinions. You don't have to twist things 
> around.
> If you don't like something just say so! Be straight. It's ok.
> Now I feel like some kind of schoolteacher!

sorry nick, i didn´t consciously want to manipulate what you are saying.
  i´m not a native speaker and i enjoy improving my skills in written 
english. i had to look up the word "disenfranchised" in my online 
dictionary. it says: "deprived of the rights of citizenship especially 
the right to vote". what does "emotionally disenfranchised" then 
exactly mean? maybe jesus was a bad example.

> Yes, I agree. Addiction is a great learning. You've got the learning 
> Ekki,
> do you not agree it's great if others get it too?
> love
> Nick

i also agree with you.
do you mean others should become addicted,too, to get the learning? 
just kiddin("twist it around into different interpretations")

  i´m thinking about founding my own self-help group for ex-junkies 
deprieved of their drivers licence. we could share taxicabs and i could 
spread the gospel of bwiti.

...peace... &LOVE

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