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My girlfriend V has been militantly Vegan since Oct. 2000. She says she is 
very healthy, and that there isn't any problem staying healthy. One simply 
has to do the research on what extra vitamins one might need if one isn't 
getting them from their food, but that is not impossible to do either, that 
it is completely possible to get everything one needs from ones food in 
terms of nutrition even with any meat or dairy whatsoever.
    It might take a little more work, but that's just how it goes. She 
doesn't do it for health reasons, she's vegan due to not enjoying the idea 
of eating other animals. That's her trip and she doesn't lay it on others. 
But then, V is a really cool person.

Peace and love,
Preston Peet

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Just wanted to comment on the vegan thing, does anyone know of any women 
that have been a vegan for more than 7 years and is not eating white meats? 
(fish, chicken..)
Just curious, I have yet to meet one.
If there are, how do they keep healthy?  Would be good to post to others 
considering going vegan, cos I know it’s damn hard to stay healthy…so if you 
are out there!!!

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