[Ibogaine] Francis and Nick

ekki ekkijdfg at gmx.de
Sun Jan 30 04:05:29 EST 2005

Am 29.01.2005 um 16:07 schrieb Nick Sandberg:

>  I do not agree that it is valid to administer a high-powered
> analgesic to oneself for a large portion of one's time on this planet,
> (unless this is a strategy agreed on by medical professionals with 
> regard to
> the individual). My opinion is that this is a life-negating 
> orientation and
> I oppose it. I believe that doing so emotionally disenfranchises the
> individual from society with overall deleterious effects on our 
> planetary
> life. Even worse, it's a fucking drag. That's my position!
> with love
> Nick

1) i wouldnt trust medical professionals so much. a lot of people get 
hooked on opioids by their physician in cases where it wouldn´t have 
been necessary. the pharmaceutical industry is pushing the use of 
opioids and anti-depressants. also a lot of medical professionals are 
addicted themselves to prescription painkillers since they have easy 
access. in addition i know lots of people whos health was seriously 
harmed by doctors due to wrong treatment/medication.

2) what is wrong with being desenfranchised from society? think about 
jesus. i surely don´t want to be part of mainstream society in its 
present state.

3) i never did regret taking opiates, but i´m happy i stopped now with 
the help of ibogain.
being never such a hardcore junky i don´t know how it is for people who 
spend 20+ years being strung-out, but with my 4 years i found heroin a 
very valuable experience, including the cold turkeys and so on. you can 
learn a lot from addiction which may even have a good effect on our 
planetary life, since addiction is a model for control mechanisms in 
general you have to get free of.
there are and have been so many great people who have "administered a 
high-powered analgesic to oneself for a large portion of one's time on 
this planet" that i wouldn´t condem it on the whole. think about 
writers and musicians.


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