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Kirsty Sutherland captkirk at kol.co.nz
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So this 60ish woman has been totally vegan? 

Yes the B12 thing is a big issue, I have a friend who is vegan but not very
good at looking after herself, so unless she gets a Vit B12 shot every now n
then she goes Loco.  She now eats chicken and fish every now n then too,
supplements could only do so much.

I’m just very interested……and if it helps others too….

Thanks for replying




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Hi Kirsty.  Since I am pretty involved in animal rights activism I know
several folks who've been vegan for many years- altho not sure how many are
at 7, since the majority of the real strict vegans seem to be younger.  I do
know one 60ish woman who's been vegan for most of her adult life.  Seems to
me from what I've read and heard a few speakers say, the only thing you're
really missing is B12.  Easy to take a vitamin for that.  If you're worried
about calcium, you actually need less if you don't eat meat because meat
leaches it out of your system.  I think you probably need less protein too,
than is so often recommended, but that's easy to get from several sources.
In Defense Of Animals has a body-builder spokesman too who's totally vegan,
just to prove that someone can even build muscle without animal products.

I have a tough time staying strict vegan, so it's harm reduction for me
there as well.  I do know I feel a whole lot "lighter" when I don't eat
animal products, but for sure I have to eat meals a lot more often.  There's
a gazillion opinions about veganism.  I'm really not totally against eating
animals, if they have a good life.  But eating as few as possible certainly
lowers cholesteral, keeps your weight down very easily - good for the heart
and everything else.   There's a great book called "Mad Cowboy" about a
cattle rancher who became vegan and how it improved his health.  Howard
Lyman - he's the guy that caused Oprah to get sued by the cattle folks.
Also PETA has a vegetarian starter kit on their website.  When they say
vegetarian, it's really vegan.

(I gotta admit it's weird but I kept dreaming about eating chicken and
peanut butter myself shortly after ibogaine...)

Hope that helps.. sorry to bore anyone else.. sandy

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>Just wanted to comment on the vegan thing, does anyone know of any women 

>that have been a vegan for more than 7 years and is not eating white meats?

>(fish, chicken..) 


>Just curious, I have yet to meet one. 


>If there are, how do they keep healthy?  Would be good to post to others 

>considering going vegan, cos I know it’s damn hard to stay healthy…so if

>are out there!!! 






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