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Jasen Chamoun jasenhappy at optusnet.com.au
Sat Jan 29 18:08:30 EST 2005

Hey Julie,

I can say that now I get 6 to 8 hours sleep in one night.
No matter what time I go to sleep,..my eyes open at
day break,..which here is about 5:30.

I have been taking herbs for sleep from a naturopath,
I am also still taking Kava and valerian,..(both herbs),
as well as the liquid herbs.

I have a love/hate relationship with these herbs

The other night after drinking some wine with dinner
(which I used to dislike),..I went to bed and woke up
at 1:30am,..I could not go back to sleep,..I took some
more Kava,..after a couple of hours got back to sleep.
When I told a Naturapath I was told this is around
the liver time,..(1:30am).

I am still waiting to feel normal???But then what is normal?
I have to stop sitting around waiting to feel good,..I do
feel good in my mind (the freedom) but my body,..well,..
it's getting better,..very very slowly.

Aaaaarrrgh,..f*ck,..that seems to help sometimes.
At times I feel like a big baby and other times I feel
like I can restle a bear.(Well,..a very small tame bear.)

The more I excersise the better I feel,..however I am not
doing much of that,..you guys know what that's like,..you
need to move but don't have the energy, you know you
have to push yourself,.. but don't.

This is easy and hard at the same time,..sometimes I want
to go within and hide from the world and other times I
am out there,..laughing,..socialising..loving.My life at the
moment is like a heart monitor.

                                                with love,..Jasen.
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the last 4-5 months

> Hi everyone,
> My question is for those treated recently: how are
> your sleeping patterns?  Is it just me, or do you
> often wake up several times per night, for no apparent
> reason?  Or have your patterns returned to normal?
> Melatonin seems to work pretty well, but only for the
> first 4-5 hours and then BOOM!!: I wake up between
> 3-6am, every single night, regardless of diet, drug
> intake, the day's activities, etc....
> I don't want to complain, but it's really starting to
> get to me.    I would really like to have 7 hours of
> uninterrupted sleep, and I just can't seem to get that
> now.  Don't want any benzos, but would like some
> advice on how to improve quality of sleep...
> smiles,
> Julie
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