Jason, Randy, Jeff, FakeP, Julian and others treated in the last 4-5 months

Ms Iboga ms_iboga at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 29 17:06:34 EST 2005

Hi everyone,

My question is for those treated recently: how are
your sleeping patterns?  Is it just me, or do you
often wake up several times per night, for no apparent
reason?  Or have your patterns returned to normal?

Melatonin seems to work pretty well, but only for the
first 4-5 hours and then BOOM!!: I wake up between
3-6am, every single night, regardless of diet, drug
intake, the day's activities, etc....

I don't want to complain, but it's really starting to
get to me.    I would really like to have 7 hours of
uninterrupted sleep, and I just can't seem to get that
now.  Don't want any benzos, but would like some
advice on how to improve quality of sleep...


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