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> I've been reading this list for years and when I think I understand
> alot of it, I always turn out to be wrong :)
> I'm not a drug addict, I've never done heroin or crack, or even wanted
> to.
> If there is any one thing that I think I've learned more then anything,
> it's that addiction is the great equalizer and it can get people from
> such different backgrounds and viewpoints at least conversing, when
> normally they wouldn't be in the same room together.
> I don't agree with what you or Nick are saying here which I think isn't
> a big problem, we have different opinions.
> My question to both of you is and please correct me if I'm wrong, I
> believe that I have a opinion and that means I can choose to live my
> life according to my beliefs and I can accept that others have
> different opinions.
> The way I'm reading what both of you are writing is, that your opinion
> is different then mine, because your opinion is more right or moral.
> Since you know what's best for me and everybody else, your opinion
> should be a mandate and everyone should be doing whatever it is that
> you feel is best.
> Am I wrong or putting words in your mouths?
> .:vector:.

Hey Vector, I think I may have answered your question approaching ten times
in the last couple of days. But, wth, let's go for it again, viz....

...Personally, I do not agree with Dr Cohen's
viewpoint. I do not agree that it is valid to administer a high-powered
analgesic to oneself for a large portion of one's time on this planet,
(unless this is a strategy agreed on by medical professionals with regard to
the individual). My opinion is that this is a life-negating orientation and
I oppose it. I believe that doing so emotionally disenfranchises the
individual from society with overall deleterious effects on our planetary
life.....I think it is fine that government introduce coercive measure to
move socially errant addicts towards treatment and rehab........

I am NOT saying I am Right and You are Wrong. I am not talking about morals.
I do not oppose your belief "that I have a opinion and that means I can
choose to live my life according to my beliefs and I can accept that others
have different opinions." It is fine with me. I am simply stating My
Position. I....Am......Simply......Stating......My.......Position.

If you wish to INTERPRET this position and extrapol8 a series of moral
perspectives, then pronounce relative judgements on these perspectives
according to whatever beliefs you have from Your Position then, shit man,
don't let me stop you, interpret away, everyone else does. I'll listen. Just
don't expect me to defend a perspective that you have created yourself and
have claimed is mine.

Am I being unreasonable here?


> --- The Garden <GardenRestaurant at comcast.net> wrote:
> > using and are trying to " control the harm " Just say : I can't stop
> > and
> > don't try to justify it. That is very confusing for people who are
> > seeking
> > for help. They could think : " that  Ibogaine thing  is not working
> > .."
> > when
> > Ibogaine is the only thing that could work for them.
> >
> > By the way , I don;t believe that the state should be allowed to
> > force
> > addicts to quit. This works only in totalitarian states. Mao Ste Tung
> >
> > style.
> > We live in  democraties and the interest of democraties is to promote
> >
> > the
> > use of drugz.and alcohol and to destroy our values and  roots. You
> > read
> > it
> > clear....
> > Why ? I can answer this question in detail in another E-Mail if
> > somebody is
> > interested.
> >
> >
> > God bless
> > Francis
> >
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